Starfinder: Xcom Ranger fighting Style

Chris Van Deelen

Solider Fighting Style: Ranger

The Ranger is split into two categories, each having their own strengths. Both are fully capable of moving stealthily allowing them while engaging enemies at close range. One specializes in small arms, the other in melee weapons. As stated there are two versions to choose from – the scout, or close quarters assault.



The scout operates very much like an operative, relying heavily on stealth to get up close and personal, or for, as the name suggests, scouting. As such, they gain Stealth as a class skill (while giving up intimidate).

1st Level ability

Phantom (Ex)

Whenever the ranger fails a stealth roll, by spending a resolve point, they are able to re-roll their stealth check. This can only be done once, and then the scout must rest for 10 minutes to regain stamina before using it again.

5th level ability

Shadowstrike (Ex)

As a full round action, and by spending a resolve point, the scout gains a +2 circumstance bonus to hit and can critically strike a foe on a 19-20. Furthermore, the scout only suffers a -10 penalty when attacking from hiding.

9th level ability

Conceal (Ex)

Using a standard action, the scout is able to ‘disappear’, as long as the light is dim or worse. The scout must make a successful stealth roll, and if it succeeds, then the scout is invisible (as per spell) for a number of rounds equal to 10 plus half the scouts level.

13th level ability (choose one of the two following)

Implacable (Ex)

If the scout successfully kills a target, then they are allowed to take an immediate move action.

Hunker Down (Ex)

If the scout did not attack this round, they are allowed to make a stealth roll. If it succeeds, they are considered to be concealed until they move or are somehow revealed. By spending a resolve point, the scout can forego making a stealth roll.

17th level ability

Rapid Fire (Ex)

The scout is able to fire multiple times per round, with only half the normal penalty (this stacks with various feats). Note pistols with the Unwieldy special cannot be used with this ability.



1st Level ability

Blademaster (Ex)

As long as the Ranger is using a blade, they gain circumstance bonus damage with the weapon in question equal to half the rangers level.

5th level ability

Shadowstep (Ex)

After making a successful melee attack, the ranger can spend a resolve point in order to attempt to make a stealth check (as long as the light is dim or worse), and gains a free movement action. 

9th level ability

Run and gun (Ex)

The ranger gains the feat shot on the run. If the ranger already possesses this feat, then the ranger can choose a new combat feat in its stead.

13th level ability (choose one of the two following)

Bladestorm (Ex)

As long as the Ranger is using a bladed weapon, this ability acts as the cleave feat. Any target moving through the Rangers reach or threatened squares (or using any ability or action, which provokes an attack of opportunity) are subject to an attack of opportunity (even if they have an ability that would otherwise make them immune). Both of these gain a circumstance bonus of +2 plus +1 per 5 rangers levels (so at 13 the ranger will gain a bonus to hit of +4, then +5 at 15 and finally +6 at 20).   

Untouchable (Ex)

If the ranger made a kill during its action, the next successful attack against the ranger automatically misses. This can be used only once, then the ranger must rest for 10 minutes to regain stamina also to regain the use of this ability.

17th level ability

Reaper (Ex)
When using a bladed weapon and spending a resolve, the first attack made by the ranger is an automatic hit. The ranger must then rest for 10 minutes to regain the use of this ability, unless the ranger kills the target. If that is the case, the ranger can continue to attack, gaining a circumstance bonus of +2 plus +1 per 5 rangers levels (so at 13 the ranger will gain a bonus to hit of +4, then +5 at 15 and finally +6 at 20) to strike any target within range. This can continue as long as the ranger makes kills. Once the ranger fails to make a kill, then the ability ends.

The Ranger uses the Soldier class as its basis, and has two subcategories - the Scout and Assault. Since this is being converted directly from Xcom 2, which has six choices and fighting styles only have 5, the player is able to choose one of two abilities at level 13.

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