Starfinder: Wrapped

Chris Van Deelen

Wrapped (Combatant) CR 4 XP 1,200

Neutral evil medium undead

Init +3; Senses Darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +10


Defense                                                             HP 50

EAC 16; KAC 18

Fort +6; Ref +6; Will +5

Immunities undead immunities, un-living

Weaknesses staggered



Speed 20 ft.

Melee Bite, +12, (1d6+5 P Crit automatic grapple and regenerative feeding), or two fist bashes, +8 (1d4+5 B)

Offensive Abilities Possession, regenerative feeding, rejuvenation



Str +5; Dex +3; Con -; Int +0; Wis +1; Cha +0

Skills Acrobatics +15, Athletics +10, disguise +10 (+20 when fully rejuvenated)

Feats None

Languages None

Gear None



Environment Any, although typically deserts or wastes

Organization Solitary


Special Abilities

Permanent Death (Su) The only way to be sure the creature is dead is to fully destroy the body, which requires disintegration, acid, fire and so forth. The creature can regenerate, even if the hit point total is dropped to zero, although this is a very slow process. It will automatically regenerate 1 hit dice per day until it has achieved its full hit point total. Until this, the creature is incapable of movement or action, including the mental possession.

Possession (Sp) The creature, as a full round action, is able to attempt to take possession of a target. The victim is allowed a Will save (DC 13) to resist. If the save fails, the creature will take complete control of the victim for 2d4 hours. Anyone possessed by the creature will not be able to control their actions, and they will not be able to speak if spoken to. Mental communication such as telepathy will still work, but the victim cannot take any actions. If a one is rolled on the saving throw, the creature takes permanent control of the victim. While in possession of the victim, the creature is still fully capable of acting on its own, and can still act as normal. The Wrapped can only use this ability once per day. If the Wrapped is destroyed, the victim is automatically freed of control.

Regenerative Feeding (Ex) The only way the creature can regenerate from any damage is to feed. The creature must make a successful CM to grapple a target, and as long as it has the target grappled, it will feed, draining 1d2+1 points of Constitution per round. The creature will automatically heal 5 points of damage inflicted per point of Constitution drained through this manner. The lost Constitution can be regained through magic or by rest.

Rejuvenation (Su) If the creature is at full hit points when it begins to feed, it will begin to take on a more life-like appearance. Once it has consumed 4 points of Constitution, the creature will look as it had when it was still living.  It also gains the benefit of losing the staggered ability and its speed is increased to 30 ft. per round. This condition will last for 1d3 days per point of Constitution drained, which includes the 4 points required to regain this appearance. Once the time has expired, the creature will revert to its undead appearance in only 1d6 rounds. If it can feed on at least 1 point of constitution per day, it can maintain this illusion indefinitely. When using this ability, the creature gains a racial bonus of +10 to disguise.  

Staggered (Ex) These creatures can only perform only a single move action or a standard action per round.


It is not certain and has yet to be ascertained if they were created through nanotechnology or if they are some sort of viral creation, but one thing is agreed upon – they are undead and necromantic magic was involved.

Upon first sight, these beings appear to be desiccated corpses, typically wrapped in the tattered remains of exploratory uniforms, space suits, and more often than not, hospital garb.  The bodies are dusty, with the skin peeled back from the teeth due to moisture loss. Only a few wisps of hair remain on the skulls, and the eyes, if they are open, are a milky white.

The creatures move with a ponderous slowness, and do not appear to pose much of a threat as long as one can outdistance the creatures. And of course appearances can and are deceiving.

It has been rumored in the wastes when a community suffers from a serious drop in population, or larger communities are plagued by what appears to be vampires or a serial killer, it is in fact these creatures.

In modern times this typically is not much of an issue due to technology which can often root out the monsters, but in isolated colonies, stations, and so on, they often do not have access to the tools needed to combat these undead monsters.

Because it is so slow, the monster will attempt to possess a victim. Most of the time the creature will use this ability to force the victim to approach, kneel before the creature and expose its chest and neck. The creature will then attack, tearing at the neck to suck on the blood. After it has consumed all the blood the creature will then rip through the chest and remove the heart, consuming it. This will have the effect of restoring any damage it has sustained, and can even revert it to a living appearance.

During this period they appear to be alive, and are faster than most humans encountered in the wastelands. They do not speak, and they are always dressed in the same manner as when first encountered, and they do their best to remain in the shadows and unseen. It is not known if they are capable of speech, as no one has ever had the chance to speak with the creatures. It is known these creatures are intelligent and possess a deadly cunning. Some believe the creature reproduces by introducing the virus or nanites into a corpse, but no one has been able to prove or disapprove this theory. Most believe it they are created through necromantic magic, or are in some way cursed by an evil god, or are created through just the right environmental factors.

For the most part, these creatures have a ‘lair’ of sorts. They always make their homes in ruins or ancient crypts or graveyards, wrecked space craft, old long-abandoned facilities and so forth. These lairs are often littered with all manner of treasure, often taken from the corpses of those they have killed, or simply looted from elsewhere. They are kept in large containers and are neatly stacked and stored in the lairs.

If the creature is defeated or forced to leave its lair, once it has established a new home, it will start the process all over again.

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