Starfinder: Wireless Ghost

Chris Van Deelen

Wireless Ghost CR 5 XP 1600

Chaotic Evil Undead (Incorporeal)  

Init +1; Senses Darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +5


Defense                                                             HP 20

EAC 16; KAC 17

Fort+0; Ref  +2; Will +7

Defensive Abilities Incorporeal, jump device, repair device ; immunities (+1 or better magic weapons)

Weaknesses Home device



Speed 30 ft.

Melee Two fists +6 (1d4+1 B)

Offensive Abilities Vampiric field, soul drain



Str +1; Dex +1; Con - ; Int +2; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills Acrobatics +4, Athletics +4, craft (electrical devices) +10, sense motive +4, stealth +5

Feats Iron will, mobility, skill focus

Languages Common, Elvish, Gnome

Gear None



Environment Any (but computer or similar device must be present)

Organization Small groups (1d6)

Special Abilities

Home Device (Ex) The undead creature is connected to a wireless computer or similar device. As long as the device remains intact, the creature cannot be permanently destroyed. If it is reduced to zero hit points, it will reform in 24 hours after it has been dispatched. If the device it is destroyed, the Wireless Spirit will likewise be instantly destroyed. These creatures cannot travel more than 500 feet from their home device.

Jump Device (Sp) If the creature believes its home device is going to be discovered or it will be destroyed due to factors beyond its control, it can jump from one device to another. Doing so forces the creature to become fully corporeal, and it has only one minute to merge with the new device (which requires a full round action to do so). If it cannot do so in that minute, the creature’s essence will dissipate and return to the negative energy plane. The creature’s new territory is now bound to the device, and it is possible for the creature to travel great distances by using this ability, although at great risk. It can do this as often as it desires.

Repair Device (Ex) The creatures are fully capable of repairing any computer or electrical device, especially the device they are linked to. They do not require any tools in order to repair their home device as long as it is not totally destroyed. This requires 1 hour of un-interrupted work. They are also adept at repairing other electronic devices and tend to do so, keeping all electronic devices in the area they call home functional, just in case their original device is badly damaged.

Soul Drain (Sp) The effect is simple. A Fort save (DC 16) is required. If the save fails, the victim immediately loses half its hit points also loses 1d6 points of Wisdom. Black splotches appear on the body of the victim. Every 24 hours the victim must make a new Fort save or suffer another 1d6 points of Wisdom loss. Once the victim’s Wisdom reaches zero, the victim will commit suicide.  Once the victim dies, the body will instantly turn to ash, making it impossible to raise the victim from the dead with anything short of a Miracle or Wish spell. Upon death, if they are near a computer system, wireless system or the like that is active, they raise as a Wireless ghost in 1d4 rounds, and actively search out other victims to feed off and kill. If no such device is present, then the creature is permanently destroyed. This can also be negated by a remove curse spell, or by destroying the Wireless Ghost which infected the victim to begin with. The creature’s device has to be destroyed, not just the creature banished for 24 hours. Finally the lost Wisdom can be healed naturally, or it can be restored through the restoration spells.

Vampiric Field (Sp) As a full round action, the creature is able to generate a sphere of negative energy, which reaches out to a radius of 20 ft. Anything caught in this radius will automatically suffer 1d6 points of damage (no saving throw), which will then be used to heal any damage the Wireless Ghost has sustained, and it can build a reservoir of additional hit points, up to a maximum hit point total of 40. These additional hit points will fade away after 24 hours. The creature can use this ability twice per day.


Wireless Ghost are undead creatures which for some reason have a strong tie to computers and other similar wireless devices. These creatures require a wireless system in order to exist. The only way to permanently destroy these creatures is to destroy the computer or wireless device they are connected to.

Physically, these creatures appears to be a projected video image of a naked and bald humanoid. These video images flicker and go out of focus often and the creature looks as if it is suffering from early stages of decay.

While in this state only magical weapons and spells will have any effect on the creature.

It is when the creature takes corporeal form that other attacks can affect it, but at the same time it can attack and interact with the world around it. While the creature is corporeal, they will use their fists to bash through barriers or attempt to knock away weapons or even grapple with a target.

If it takes enough damage to reduce it to zero hit points, the creature appears to go entirely fuzzy, like a TV screen or monitor filled with static and it disappears with a shriek that can shatter glass. What actually happens is that the creature disappears back to its home device. The creature then disappears for 24 hours while it re-forms in its wireless home. Once it has re-formed it can attack once again.

Once it has taken corporeal form, the monster can attack. It has two special attacks. First it can use its Vampiric Field. The other attack is it stand up in front of its target and initiate a ‘soul’ drain. Anyone who can view the ultraviolet spectrum will see what appears to be a video image of the target being pulled from their body and being absorbed into the body of the incorporeal monster.

To date, there is no way to communicate or bargain with these creatures. They don’t appear to be intelligent, although they do know how to hide or keep their wireless devices safe, and they have no interest in anything but the hunt and kill.

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