Starfinder: Triceratops - augmented

Chris Van Deelen

Triceratops, augmented Type CR  10 XP 9,600

Neutral large animal (technological)

Init +0; Senses: Darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +19


Defense                                                             HP 195

EAC: 23 (26); KAC: 25 (28)

Fort: +14; Ref: +14; Will: +9

Defensive Abilities: Armored front



Speed: 30 feet.

Melee: Head butt +22 (3d6+20 B Crit knockdown), or Bite +22 (2d8+20 P), or two stomps (2d10+20 B)

Ranged: Triple horn cannon +18 (3d6+10)

Space: 15 ft., Reach: 15 ft.

Offensive Abilities: Horn cannon, trample



Str +10; Dex +0; Con +6; Int +-3 Wis +; Cha +

Skills: Athletics +24, intimidate +19

Languages: None



Environment: Any warm

Organization: Solitary, small herd (1d3+1), medium herd (2d6+3)


Special Abilities

Armored Front (Ex): The crest of this particular dinosaur has been augmented with metallic composites, making it exceedingly strong and damage resistant from the front. Whenever the creature is being attacked head on, it gains a +3 to both its EAC and KAC. Furthermore, attacks from the front gain the creature a DR of 15 / -.

Horn Cannon (Ex): The Vesk, in all their wisdom (or just in their twisted imagination), have modified the trio of horns possessed by the creature so that it can fire a  three-round volley at enemy targets. This ranged attack has an increment of 60 feet, and has an ammo capacity of 90 rounds. One round is used per horn, per attack.

Trample (Ex): As a full-round action, the creature can move up to twice its speed and literally run over any opponents at least one size category smaller than itself. The Triceratops merely has to move over the opponents in its path. The creature does not need to make an attack roll; each creature whose space it moves through takes damage. A target of a trample can make a REF save (DC 17) for half damage. If it attempts the save, it can’t make an attack of opportunity against the trampling creature due to the creature’s movement. The Triceratops can deal trample damage to a given target only once per round.

Triceratops is what many consider to be a living tank. These creatures, which can grow up to 30 feet in length, and weigh in excess of 20,000 pounds, are actually rather timid herbivores in their natural habitat. They are more interested in grazing and watching what other creatures are up to than engaging in battle.

The Vesk decided to augment these typically gentle giants into war machines, augmenting them and giving the creatures a mean temperament. They made three major changes with the animals. First they increased the armor of the creature’s crest, making it very difficult to damage from the front. The second major change is how they modified the personality of these formally gentle beasts… they made them far more aggressive, to the point it is dangerous for Vesk handlers to deal with the creatures! Finally, they took it a step further and made it so the creatures could fire projectiles from their trio of horns. Some believe this was done after the Vesk watched what was considered a children’s show, found in the archives of the Pact Worlds.

No matter how you look at it, this augmented Triceratops are a dangerous foe. The Vesk typically keep the creatures tranquilized while transporting them through Drift Space and only stop the injection of the drugs once they have reached planet-fall. There they drop the creatures on the ground and point them in the general direction of the enemy.

Another change the Vesk made was the implantation of stimuli into the small brains of these beasts, which cause pain. The Vesk use this to force the creatures to move in the direction they want them to travel. This also allows the creatures to be rewarded with pleasure when they succeed in a mission objective.

Combat with the creatures is quite simple. If there are two or more, they will move together, side by side and either attack using trample, or they will strike at a distance, using their horn cannons. They instinctively know that their flanks and rear are vulnerable, and will always move in order to keep their heads facing their opponents.

When it comes down to it, these creatures are just plain mean and love a good physical fight.

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