Starfinder: Strigs

Chris Van Deelen

Strigs CR7 XP 3,200

Chaotic Evil medium undead

Init +8; Senses Darkvision 120 ft.; Perception +10


Defense                                                             HP 56

EAC 18; KAC 20

Fort +3; Ref +5; Will +9

Defensive Abilities Worm explosion; Immunities +1 better (or better) to hit

Weaknesses Sunlight vulnerability, unquenchable thirst



Speed 40 ft.

Melee Two punches, +11, (1d4+5 B)

Ranged Tongue, +14, (2d6+5 P crit 1d6 constitution drain)

Reach 15 ft. (tongue only)

Offensive Abilities Infectious worm



Str +5; Dex +4; Con -; Int +2; Wis +3; Cha +0

Skills Acrobatics +11, athletics +12, climbing +12, intimidate +5, stealth +11

Feats Ability focus (infectious worm), blood feast, improved initiative, improved natural armor, iron will

Languages Abyssal, common, infernal

Gear None



Environment  Any

Organization Solitary, or medium groups (2d8)


Special Abilities

Infectious worm (Ex)The worm initially infects the host by entering the body via an open wound, the mouth, or any other orifice. Once inside the host, it rapidly begins to multiply, feeding on the host’s blood and then literally splitting in two smaller versions of itself, where it rapidly grows while feeding once again. The victim is allowed a Fort save (DC 19) to avoid becoming infected. Failure indicates the victim loses 1d3 points of Constitution per day. There is no further saving throw allowed. During this period, the eyes turn pure black, and sink into the head, and the skin becomes deathly-white pallor, with what appears to be bruising around the eyes, and many veins on the body become black and pronounced.  On top of these changes, the host also begins to lose all of its body hair and other portions of the anatomy begin to wither and eventually drop off (ears, reproductive organs etc.).  If cut, the host’s blood noticeably changes as well, thickening and gradually whitening as more and more of the worms take up residence in the body.  Note that if anyone foolish enough to ingest the host’s blood has to immediately save or become infected as well. Once the victim’s Constitution hits zero, they die and the transformation is complete and rise as a new free-willed Strig.

Sunlight Vulnerability If the worm is exposed to sunlight or Ultraviolet radiation, it destroys it instantly. When the host encounters direct sunlight or Ultraviolet radiation, the creature is staggered on the first round of exposure and each round of exposure after this inflicts damage on a the creature equal to one-third of its maximum hit points— when it is reduced to 0 hit points it is destroyed.

Unquenchable thirst During the physical changes before the host succumbs to the infection, she grows more and more thirsty and her throat burns as if on fire, and nothing can seem to slack the thirst. If during this period, the host is exposed to any blood, it must make a Will save DC 15 plus 2 for each day she has been infected) or be forced to drink the blood. Instantly the thirst will slacken and the pain in its throat will disappear.  This will require the victim she is feeding upon to save or be infected by the worms (see above). After the creature has fully turned, it can voluntarily go without feeding but has the same restrictions imposed upon it. As long as the creature has not fed, all actions taken by the Strig until it feeds will be at a -2. This includes to hit, saving throws, and skill checks.  All physical damage will be reduced by 25% and its AC will be reduced by 2 points.

Worm Explosion (Ex) When the Strig is destroyed, the worms will attempt to escape the host, bursting forth explosively out to a radius of 15 ft. The creatures have a movement rate of 5 ft. per round. They will attempt to clamour over any nearby creature in an attempt to infect them (through open wounds or orifices). They can also burrow into the ground in an attempt to escape sunlight (if outside during the night). A host killed will release 5d20 of these worms and are really only dangerous to the un-aware (stepping on them will kill them).

Worm Infestation (Ex) The location the Strig uses as a lair is infested with the worms. They will be active to a radius of 50 ft. Anyone entering the Strig’s lair will always have to contend with the chance of becoming infected. The worms have a Stealth skill of +15 and will easily remain hidden and will attempt to latch unto those who happen to have open wounds. If they are not spotted and dealt with, they will enter through any open wounds and the victim must save (see above). This will likewise occur if anyone attempts to sleep or rest in the creature’s radius.


One of the stranger undead creatures found, this monster was created through the use of necromancy and genetic tinkering. The actual creature is a tiny, 1 inch long albino worm that needs blood to survive and it does need a host to live in. The worm uses its host like a literal vehicle and colony all at once.

The creature can only use humanoid creatures as hosts, and cannot use any non-humanoids. They will not even attempt to infect any non-humanoid. An infected creature will undergo a drastic change (see above) and once it is complete they will have a swollen throat, a jaw which can be unhinged, and are completely hairless and porcelain white. Black veins can be seen beneath the skin (even though the blood is now white) and the flesh appears to be moving as if filled with tiny worms (which in fact, it is).

Once fully transformed, the Strig has a fully prehensile tongue. The throat appears to be swollen, and the jaws can become unhinged to allow the tongue to shoot out from the host with a fifteen foot reach.

Also, the worms take over the mind of the host; effectively killing it (only a Miracle or Wish can reverse this). Once this happens, the host will only seek out to feed and protect itself from sunlight (or any manner of UV radiation). The worms can access the memory of the host and use it to bring them to more fertile feeding grounds, and the worms take a perverse pleasure in going after the hosts original family (if any).

Once the host reaches this state, it will only use its hands to try and bring down a victim (beating on them), or it will use its new prehensile tongue like a ranged weapon to attempt to feed off (and in the process, infect) a new victim. After the tongue has successfully struck, the victim must overcome the Strig’s CMD (26) to remove it.

It is said that once the host has been controlled by the worms for 30 days, the last changes have taken place and the worms develop into a hive mind, which replaces the hosts mind entirely (but they retain the host’s memories).

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