Starfinder: Sophons

Chris Van Deelen

Racial Traits

Ability Adjustments: -2 str, +4 int, -2 wis.

Hit Points: 2

Size and Type: Medium humanoid with the Sophon subtype

Scientific prodigy: Sophon’s gain a +2 racial bonus to three of the five following skills: computers, engineering, life science, medicine and physical science.

Natural Tinkerer: No machine or program is perfect, and as such, the Sophon are always looking at ways to improve the item or program in question. As such, they are allowed to make an Engineering or other appropriate check (DC = 10 + item level x 1.5). If the check succeeds, then the item will permanently gain ONE of the following modifications: +2 to saving throws, hardness = to level +2, hit points (weapons) = 15 + 5 x its level for weapons, armor or sturdy items, or 10 + item level for other items. This also requires a cost equal to 25% of the items original cost. However, if the roll fails, then the item in question gains the broken condition. If a natural 1 is rolled, then the item is destroyed!

Improve that toy!: As is the case with Natural Tinkerer, the Sophon can improve a weapon or piece of armor they are using. They can only improve a single item once, and by doing so they need to make an engineering check check (DC = 10 + item level x 1.5), and pay 50% of the items original cost. If the roll succeeds, any ranged weapon they modify will gain a +1 to hit, while any melee weapon will gain a damage bonus equal to 25% round down, (minimum bonus of +1) of the items level in bonus damage. Any armor will gain a +1 to either EAC or KAC.

Resistant: Due to the nature of their home-world, Sophon’s gain a Resistance 5 against cold-based attacks or damage.

Radiation Resistance: Thanks to their home-world, Sophons gain a +2 bonus to saves vs. radiation.

Low-light vision: Sophons can see in dim light as if it was normal light. For more information see page 264 of the core book.

Space-Born fighters: Thanks to their superior Intelligence and hard-won experience from battling other races while exploring the universe, a Sophon gains +2 circumstance bonus to any DC check while in starship combat.


Brief History

Sophon’s evolved on a cold and rocky world named Hekim, which orbits a blue star. Despite or maybe because of the higher levels of radiation which bombarded the planet, these creatures evolved (mutated) more quickly than other species, especially their brains, making them far more intelligent. It is a wonder, thanks to their curiosity and thirst for knowledge that they managed to not only survive as a species, but thrive and make it to the stars. The reason they developed weaponry was to deal with the natural predators of their home-world, but they found that fighting one another was a waste of not only time but resources, and by killing one of their own kind could end up costing the race invaluable knowledge!

The race climbed from primitive stone-users to a full space-faring culture in less than half the time that it typically takes other races, and as such, they are considered to be a relatively young race when compared to many of the other races found throughout the Galaxy.

Once they managed to pull themselves into space, they discovered much to their dismay, how hostile the galaxy was. Thanks to their natural abilities, they quickly either developed weapon systems on their own, or simply reverse engineered weapons and systems taken from defeated enemy ships. As such, even though they are very peaceful, they are able to build ships that can pack one hell of a punch, and withstand far more damage than other ships.



These aliens are slightly smaller than average humanoids, typically standing at 5 ft. in height for males and 4.10 ft. for females. Males typically weigh around 100 pounds, while females weigh around 75 pounds. Their bodies are quite slender, and lack the typical musculature of most humanoids. Their eyes are large and an even crystal blue with no visible iris. They have small noses and mouths. Both sexes are hairless. Their flesh is likewise white or blue-tinted, making them appear as albinos or people suffering from hypothermia. They have three fingers on each hand, which are long and tapered, and only three toes on their small feet.  



Although small in stature, these aliens tend to more than make up for it with their powerful intellect – although it is typically not tempered by wisdom – they have been described as having a near-suicidal level of curiosity! The Sophon race value knowledge above everything else, viewing the expanse of the universe with a child-like awe and curiosity, and like children, want to take it apart and see what makes it ticks! As such they are always searching for knowledge. They are highly inquisitive, and love to explore and do research. They are constantly on the search for anything new, including ways to improve anything they can get their three fingered hands on.

Sophon’s also are quite the pacifist race, although they can create and build incredible weapons, armor and starships. They do not start fights, nor will they invade others or attempt to subjugate others, and find that war is an extremely wasteful habit, which is something that was forced upon them by other alien races. Despite this, they are far from defenceless. Think of a nerd who finally snaps after being bullied too long, and that mentality fits these aliens.

When push comes to shove (pun intended), Sophon’s would much rather cooperate with other races than fight them.

Sophon society is devoted to learning, philosophy, exploration, and study. They view the universe not only with awe, but also as an intellectual puzzle for them to unravel. Optimistic, they hold full faith in scientific progress and technological advancement.

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