Starfinder: Sobek

Chris Van Deelen

Sobek Combatant CR 20 XP 307,200

Neutral colossal magical beast

Init +5; Senses Darkvision 200 ft., low light vision; Perception +35


Defense                                                             HP 465

EAC: 35; KAC: 40

Fort: +23; Ref: +23; Will: +17

Defensive Abilities: Regeneration 20 per round; Immunities: Fire



Speed: 50 ft.

Melee: Bite +35 (11d10+37 P Crit automatic swallow whole), two claws +31 (6d12+37 S Crit 4d8 bleed), and one tail smash +31 (8d6+37 B Crit knockdown and knocked back 2d10x5 feet)

Ranged: Throw anything +31 (16d6+20 B)

Space: 25 ft., Reach: 25 ft.

Offensive Abilities: Fear aura, swallow whole, throw anything



Str +17; Dex +5; Con +7; Int -3; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Athletics +40, intimidate +35

Languages: Understands common, cannot speak it.



Environment: Any swamp, river or lake region

Organization: Solitary


Special Abilities

Fear Aura (Su): An unseen aura surrounds the Sobek out to a range of 100 feet. Anyone caught in the area of effect must make a Will save (DC 25) or become frightened for 3d6 rounds. Anytime a creature has made the save and the re-enters the area of affect, they must make another saving throw.

Regeneration (Ex): The Sobek is able to regenerate 20 points of damage per round. It cannot regenerate from acid damage.

Swallow whole (Ex): The Sobek is able to potentially swallow whole any creature it bites which is at least one category size smaller. See page 156-157 of the Alien Archive for more information.

Throw anything (Ex): Due to its massive size and strength, the Sobek is able to pick up any object that is less than 10 feet in length and weighs less than two tons and throw it as a weapon. This is a ranged attack and can be used against any target within 250 feet.  



There are those who believe that the Sobek creature is the physical avatar of an ancient, all but forgotten god of the same name. The god was supposed to have the body of a humanoid with the head of a crocodile, and was worshipped in the ancient times, but has long since fallen out of favor.

The creature bearing the name of the ancient god appears as a fifty-foot tall bipedal crocodile. It stands on two legs, using its huge tail as a balance to keep it standing. The flesh of the monstrous crocodile is always a green-tinged tan, and the scales are so heavy they can regularly withstand massive amounts of physical damage before injuring the monster.

Considering how difficult it is to actually hit the monster, what makes it worse is the creature can regenerate from all types of attacks except for acid. The only saving grace is that once the monster has been reduced to zero or less hit points, it cannot regenerate.

It has been discovered that the beast only appears when it has a specific task in mind. This could be anything from simply crossing a river, destroying a natural (or man-made) barrier or object, hunting down and eating a specific animal, monster or even humanoid, or even searching for lost treasure.

If the Sobek is destroyed before it can complete its task, the body will quickly rot away in less than an hour, leaving nothing but a pile of mud in its wake. The problem with destroying the Sobek is that it will return to attempt to finish the task it originally set out to accomplish. In exactly 31 days, the monster will re-appear where it was first discovered and will once again attempt to accomplish its task.

Generally if it is left alone, the monster will set out to finish whatever its mysterious task is, and will not bother anyone or anything – unless they happen to be the task it was set out to deal with, or if they get in its way.  Once it manages to complete its mysterious task, the creature will disappear; the only evidence of it having been on the prime material plane is a wake of destruction (if it was attacked) or massive footprints.

Of course if it is attacked, the creature will retaliate in kind. Engaging in combat with one of these monsters is risky at best, as it has a plethora of natural attacks it can use every round, and it can even pick up and throw objects at tormentors who might think they are out of the monsters reach.

The Sobek can be communicated with, although it is not all that much more intelligent than a typical animal. If a means of communication can be established, the creature can occasionally be persuaded into revealing what its current task is. Sometimes it is mundane and an agreement can be reached, meaning the Sobek will finish what it has set out to finish and leave without any undo harm or destruction.

Other times…. Not so much.

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