Starfinder: Seeker

Chris Van Deelen

Seeker Combatant CR 3 XP 800

Neutral medium construct (technological)

Init + 4; Senses: Darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision 60 ft.; Perception +8


Defense                                                             HP 40

EAC: 14; KAC: 16

Fort: +3; Ref: +3; Will: +0

Defensive Abilities: Evasion, Invisibility cloak; Immunities: Construct immunities, unliving



Speed: 50 ft. (fly, average)

Melee: Tentacle bash +13 (1d6+6 B) or up to 4 tentacle bashes +10 (1d6+6 B)

Ranged: Plasma Pistol Ver. 2 +9 (1d6+3 E&F)

Space: 5 ft., Reach: 15 ft.

Offensive Abilities: Strangulation



Str +3; Dex +4; Con -; Int +0; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Acrobatics +8, stealth +13

Feats: Improved combat maneuver (grapple), improved initiative, multi-weapon fighting, weapon focus (tentacle)

Languages: None



Environment: Any

Organization: Pairs


Special Abilities

Evasion (Ex): When the Seeker moves, it can choose to forgo its attack and gain a +4 to both EAC and KAC for that round, but as long as it is moving at full speed.

Invisibility Cloak (Su): As a swift action, the Seeker can bend light around it, becoming invisible. This also covers other spectrums, such as IR and Ultraviolet, so that it is invisible to almost all types of sensory input. When it uses this ability, the unit gains +20 to its stealth rolls. It can only use this for a limited time however – typically for a maximum of 6 rounds. For each round it uses this ability, it must let the ability ‘cool down’ for two rounds. It can use this ability with Evasion as well.

Strangulation (Ex): If the unit manages to wrap at least two tentacles around a target, it can choose to attempt to strangle the target. The victim is allowed a Fort saving throw (DC 15), and if it succeeds, then nothing happens. However, if it fails, the victim is exhausted for the next round. On the following round, the victim is allowed another saving throw, and if it fails, the victim is unconscious. Of course this is also a grapple action, and there is a good chance that the target will be able to break the grapple. Once unconscious, on the next round, the victim is dying.


Created with a specialized AI, the Seekers are stealth units sent in pairs onto the battlefield. They will use their invisibility cloak and stealth to sneak around the battlefield, seeking out individuals or weakened enemy soldiers to sneak up upon and attack.

If they are spotted, the units will fly away at their maximum movement rate in order to try and find a place where they can safely activate their cloaks, or at least allow the cloaks to recharge. They will never stick around and fight against superior forces, only looking for loners or targets that can easily be separated from the main body and destroyed.

Each Seeker looks like a semi-organic flying squid. The bodies are lithe and almost appear to be wet, although it is just a by-product of the built-in cloaking device. They have four long tentacles, which have an extended reach, allowing them to grab or strike at targets that are up to 15 feet away. The programming is centered around the tentacles and they can use them with great proficiency. The units prefer to close in on targets and attack relentlessly, which is their strength, but they have been equipped with Plasma pistols in the off chance they need to use those instead of their tentacles.

It is a matter of speculation as to why they are always sent to the field in pairs, even if they do not tend to work with each other. If one of the two happens to be destroyed during combat with the enemy, the other will immediately attempt to leave the field, using its full speed, evasion, and stealth capabilities.

These robots have no means of communication with enemy forces, although they can do so easily with other robotic units controlled by the Ethereals.

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