Starfinder: Radioactive Zombie

Chris Van Deelen

Radioactive Zombie (Combatant) CR 2 XP 600

Neutral medium undead

Init; Senses Darkvision 60 ft. blind sight (life-sense) 60. Ft.; Perception +7


Defense                                                             HP 25

EAC 13; KAC 15

Fort +4; Ref +4; Will +3

Immunities Undead immunities, unliving

Weaknesses Staggered



Speed 30 ft.

Melee bash, +7, (1d4+4), or bite, +7 (1d6+4)

Offensive Abilities Radioactive aura



Str +4; Dex +2; Con -; Int -4; Wis +1; Cha +0

Skills Acrobatics +7, athletics +12

Feats Stand still

Languages None

Gear None



Environment Any

Organization Solitary, small groups (1d4), or large groups (3d6)


Special Abilities

Infectious Bite (Su) The bite of the radioactive zombie carries the same virus that creates the typical zombie, and as such the victim must make a Fort save (DC 12) or contract the infection. Every 24 hours the victim is allowed another Fort saving throw (DC 12) or lose 1d3 points of Constitution. When the Constitution score reaches zero, the victim dies and will rise as a radioactive zombie. A cure disease or other similar spell, spell-like ability, or medical drug will cure the victim, and the lost Constitution score will return at the victims’ natural healing rate per day.

Radioactive Aura (Su) The radioactive zombie is surrounded by a wide field of radiation. This aura reaches out to 20 ft. surrounding the zombie and anyone entering it must make a DC 13 Fort save or suffer the effects of radiation poisoning (page 404 Starfinder core book).

Staggered (Ex) Like many different types of zombies, these are capable of only a single move action or a standard action per round.


Although not a common occurrence, nuclear weapons have been used on the occasion in the numerous wars between worlds.  It has been discovered that the radiation released in the blasts would on a very rare occasion, mix with necromantic magic and create zombies from the corpses of those killed in the attack.

These strange zombies are somewhat stronger and tougher than other zombies, and are made all that much more dangerous by the simple virtue they are actively radioactive! Getting within 20 feet of these creatures will force the hapless victim to make a Fort saving throw or contract radiation poisoning.

Sometimes these undead monsters are mixed in with other types of zombies, although they are usually easily distinguished from the others due to their appearance. Typically these zombies have a burnt look about them. Patches of flesh is crispy and blackened, the eyes are milky white and appear to glow, even in bright light. The clothing – what little remains – is in tatters and usually covered with scorch-marks. Furthermore, any open wounds will glow a sickly green.

These types of zombies are always hungry, and are always looking for flesh to feast upon. They are drawn by both life-force and blood. If there are any targets with open wounds, or who are bleeding, the range of detection goes from 60 ft. to 120 ft.

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