Starfinder: Piru

Chris Van Deelen

Piru Spellcaster CR 11 XP 12,800

Chaotic evil medium outsider

Init +8; Senses: Blindsense (alcohol, drugs, rich food) 250 ft., Darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +25


Defense                                                             HP 155

EAC: 23; KAC: 24

Fort: +10; Ref: +10; Will: +18

Defensive Abilities: insubstantial, invisible; Immunities: Physical attacks



Speed: 30 ft.

Melee: touch +20 (2d10+14 C & special)

Space: 5 ft., Reach: 5 ft.



Str +3; Dex +8; Con +0; Int +3; Wis +2; Cha +0

Skills: Athletics +20, mysticism +20, stealth +25

Feats: Iron will

Other Abilities: Bestow curse

Languages: Common, abyssal, infernal



Environment: Any urban or suburban (including space stations)

Organization: Solitary


Special Abilities

Bestow Curse (Su): As a full round action, the Piru can bestow a curse upon a single target. It can also do this upon its death, automatically targeting whoever killed it. The victim is allowed a Will save (DC 20). If the save succeeds, then nothing untoward happens. If it fails, the GM will secretly roll on the following charts to see when the curse occurs, and what are the actual effects of the curse.  The Piru can also use this upon anyone who it deems has insulted it or refused to give a suitable ‘offering’. The creature can use this ability three times per day.


Bestow Curse Table





Personal injury or illness

The targeted victim will suffer physical harm. It could very well kill them! It is up to the GM to decide if the illness is caused by a disease or poison.


Injury to patron or friend or illness

Someone close to the victim, or a patron of the establishment will suffer physical harm. It could very well kill them! It is up to the GM to decide if the illness is caused by a disease or poison.


Property damage

The property, or an item will either be damaged or destroyed.



The target of the curse will be killed one way or another.


Curse Intensity Table



Damage or effect


Piru is only somewhat annoyed, ignore the death effect on the table above and reroll.

1d4 points of damage per level of target. Item must save or be considered damaged. If illness is indicated, then the target is allowed an unmodified saving throw.


Something has really aggravated the Piru, and the retaliation is a lot worse.

2d6 points of damage per level of target. Item must save with a -2 to the roll or be considered damaged. If it fails by 5 or more, it is destroyed. If illness is indicated, then the DC of the disease is increased by +2.


The Piru wants the target dead.

Death, or destruction of item or property. Item is allowed a saving throw with a -4 to the roll or is destroyed. Even if the save succeeds, the item is still damaged. If illness is indicated, then the DC of the disease is increased by +4, or the poison or disease is magical in nature, such as mummy rot.


Time until Curse takes effect


Length of time




6d10 minutes


4d6 hours


1d4 days


1d6 weeks


When it comes down to it, the GM should use their imagination when it comes to determining what actually happens. When it comes to taking actual damage the GM should turn it into a story. For example, character is just walking along and ends up getting hit from falling debris near a construction site, or is in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets hit by stray rounds from a gunfight, or gets hit by a run-away vehicle. Think Final Destination. When it comes to disease or poison, maybe the character was unwittingly exposed to something. Again it is up to the GM to use their imagination!


Piru are spirits who are attracted to all manner of vice, be it alcohol, drugs, food, and sometimes gambling. They come from one of the alternate planes of existence, and as such are outsiders. They can be summoned to the prime plane of existence, but more often than not they find their way via hedonistic tendencies. The more vice, the more likely they are to be attracted.

No one knows the true form of the Piru, but those who claim to have seen it, say that it appears as a small, almost simian spirit, although the description varies from person to person – those who were lucky enough to survive the encounter that is.

The only way that the presence of these creatures can be detected is through magic, or a strange, shimmering in the air.

As stated, they are attracted to copious amounts of vice, the easiest way to attract their attention is through heavy alcohol or drug use. Many drug dens and bars attract these creatures all the time, and as such, the owners were often plagued by horrible luck, deaths of the patrons and other disasters.

Other than encountering the Outsider directly and dispatching it, the only way to really deal with these beings is to leave out alcohol, drugs or food. Sometimes this works, but more often than not it only somewhat appeases the spirit. The best way to keep the creatures from visiting horrible luck, ruin or death upon an establishment, is to leave out large amounts of all three.

Also the quality of the products left for these invisible outsiders has to be of high or even what is considered the best. They will not settle for Pilsner beer, burgers and a joint when the offering could be 100 year old Brandy, AAA Steak and cocaine.

The higher the quality of the offerings, the longer the creature will stay away. The lower the quality, it might actually anger the outsider enough to do something rash.

It has been discovered that these outsiders do not tolerate the presence of others of their type. A single establishment will only ever have one of these creatures, and it will remain at the location until it is destroyed or somehow forced to leave. Such occurrences will ensure that the establishment is free from the creatures for at least a year, as other outsiders will not risk trying to take it over, but once that year is up, then all bets are off.

These creatures are cowards by nature, and they are loath to fight, except others of their own kind. If they are somehow discovered, they will attempt to curse those who have discovered them, and then flee back to their home plane.

If this is not possible, the creatures will fight, and their touch can be quite deadly. The touch of the beings is that of deep, deep cold, and those who are touched must make a Fort save (DC 18) or gain 1d3 temporary negative levels.

Also, the creature is completely immune to any type of physical attack. The only way to harm the creature is through magic (spells) or energy attacks. Even if the weapon happens to be magical (such as a sword, dagger, melee weapon or even a ballistic weapon) no damage will be inflicted. Weapon fusions, which add an elemental type of damage, will hurt the creature, but only the magical effect will cause damage.

If someone manages to kill them, there is a very good chance that some horrific event will befall the victor sometime in the near future.

Some would believe that killing one of these creatures would bring on the wrath of others of their kind, but that is not the case. If the location they were frequenting is known, then others will wait a full year before they attempt to claim it as their own.

They cannot be bargained with, nor do they wish to speak with others. All they want is to partake in the vices.

Piru who are attracted to gambling are far more rare than the other types, although they do expect offerings to be made to them, but the offerings need to be money or other valuables such as jewellery, expensive clothing, and the like.  They can be ‘paid off’ with food, drugs and alcohol, but hard currency works the best on these versions.

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