Starfinder: Nemesis

Chris Van Deelen

Nemesis Combatant CR 13 XP 25,600

Neutral evil large undead

Init +4; Senses: Darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +23


Defense                                                             HP 225

EAC: 33; KAC: 34 (Elite hardplate armor)

Fort: +15; Ref: +15; Will: +14

Defensive Abilities: Eat to heal, regeneration Immunities: undead immunities, unliving



Speed: 25 ft.

Melee: Bite +26 (3d8+23 P) or two fists +22 (3d6+23 B Crit Knockdown)

Ranged: Elite X-Gen gun +23 (4d12+13 P)

Space: 10 ft., Reach: 10 ft.



Str +10 Dex +4; Con -; Int +2; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Athletics +28, intimidate +23

Feats: Improved combat maneuver (grapple)

Other Abilities: Death hibernation, death tentacles

Languages: Common



Environment: Any

Organization: Solitary


Special Abilities

Death hibernation (Ex):Upon its death, the Nemesis does not actually die. Instead if there is no potential food around, it can go into a hibernation state. For all intent and purposes, the creature is dead, but once any source of food comes within 30 ft. it will come to ‘life’ and the tentacles will burst free and attempt to grapple the food source to the body for consumption. It can remain in this state for 4d4 days before the creature is truly dead.

Death Tentacles (Ex): Upon its defeat, if there are any sources of food within 30 feet, a series of 1d4+2 tentacles will burst from the corpse and attempt to grapple any targets in the radius. If the grapple succeeds, the tentacle will drag the victim back to the body, where it will then use the other tentacles to rip chunks of flesh from the hapless victim, causing 2d8+23 points of damage per round, activating the eat to heal ability.

Eat to Heal (Ex): Once the Nemesis has taken physical damage, it will stop trying to shoot or batter a target to death. It will bite the victim, and for every 3 points of damage it inflicts, Nemesis will heal 1 hit point of damage.

Regeneration (Ex): Although undead, the Nemesis can regenerate damage it sustains without having to consume meat. Every round the creature will automatically heal 10 hit points of damage, up to a maximum of 110 points. Once this threshold has been achieved, the creature cannot automatically heal and must eat to heal damage. It can also ‘restock’ this regenerative ability from consuming meat, as described in Eat to Heal.


Unlike many types of undead, the Nemesis was created in a laboratory to be ‘elite’ soldiers on the battlefield, being loyal to whoever created them

The changes wrought in the laboratories made these monsters massive, standing on average around 10 feet in height, and weighing nearly a ton. They have a nearly Frankenstein appearance, with scars, stitches, and clearly grafted parts. The eyes are small and nearly black, but somehow shine with a malevolent intelligence. The mouths are large and have no lips, revealing the heavy and thick teeth.

When encountered on the battlefield, these monsters are always encased in heavy armour and typically wield mini-guns or other similar heavy weapons. They are smart enough to know when to use these weapons and are fully capable of employing tactics, and have no problem in using cover or even other types of soldiers (typically varying types of undead) in order to attack and defeat their opponents.

Although it is difficult, these creatures can be harmed, and thanks to the tinkering by the dark technicians that created them, they have a limited ability to regenerate damage they have sustained. Once this ability has run out, they can still heal damage by simply eating their foes, which in itself can be what breaks the moral of any troops they are combating.

The creatures are intelligent, but they are always given strict orders to follow, and they will follow these orders to the best of their ability, but are capable of circumventing these orders if they need to heal or regenerate, or more prudent targets appear.

Nemesis are capable of speech, but rarely ever engage in dialogue with others, except maybe in an attempt to intimidate a potential meal.

Even when they are killed, the creatures are not truly dead. The body goes in a torpor, and just waits until ‘meat’ presents itself, at which time it will send out tentacles to try and consume the flesh to help it regenerate. If nothing comes within a certain period of time, the corpse will undergo a rapid decomposition and become nothing more than a pile of bones and black goo.

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