Starfinder: Krogan

Chris Van Deelen


Racial Traits

Ability Adjustments: +4 str, -2 dex, +2 con, -2 wis 

Hit Points: 6

Size and Type: Medium humanoid with the Krogan subtype

Acute vision: Due to the set of their eyes, and having evolved on a planet which has an overabundance of deadly predators, Krogan gain a +2 racial bonus to perception (vision).

Blood Rage: The Krogan can cause a chemical trigger in their brains, causing them to go into a berserker rage. This requires 1 resolve point, and can then the Krogan must rest to regain stamina before using this again. While in this state, they suffer a -4 to both EAC and KAC and are completely immune to any type of effect, such as sleep, paralysis, fatigue, and so forth. They also gain a bonus to hit equal to 1+1 per five levels (so +1 at level 1-4, then +2 at 5, +3 at 10, and +4 at 15 and finally +5 at 20). Furthermore, if they are using any type of melee weapon, they gain an additional bonus to damage equal to half their level (which stacks with class bonuses). This Blood rage will last for a number of rounds equal to the Krogan’s level, and one it ends, then any effects that they gained during the rage will come into effect. Even if no effects were gained, the Krogan is considered to be fatigued until they rest and regain stamina.

Built-in food and water reservoirs: Due to the hump, Krogans can go without water for 3 days plus a number of hours equal to twice his Constitution score, before possibly taking damage. Likewise a Krogan can go 9 days without food before possibly taking damage. See the core book for further details.

Heavy Scales: Thanks to the thickness of their scales and flesh, the Krogan gain a racial bonus of +2 to KAC, which stacks with most types of armor.

Natural Weaponry: Krogans have claws on their hands and feet that can be used in combat. The claws do 1d3+Str damage. The natural weapons cannot be sundered or disarmed.

Resilient: Unlike many other species, Krogan tend to have multiple organs. As such when they are hit by the ‘wound’ critical effect, ignore the vital organ critical, and they gain a +2 racial saving throw to any effect or spell-like ability or spell that would affect organs.

Toxin Resistance: Having spent many generations living on an irradiated planet, hostile environments and toxins used by many of the predators on the home world, the Krogan have built up a natural resistance. They gain a +4 racial bonus to saving throws involving poisons, radiation, and other similar toxins.  


Brief History

Natives of the planet Tuchanka, the Krogan are a race of large reptilian humanoids. Their home world is infamous for having an extremely harsh environment, and before it was nearly destroyed by the Krogan in a massive nuclear holocaust, was home to an overwhelming number of vicious predatory creatures.

Due to their size, ferocity, tenacity and just plain stubbornness, the Krogan were able to claw (sometimes quite literally) to the top of the home-worlds food chain, not only surviving but thriving in the harsh conditions.

They developed technology, and as is the case with many species, much of the technology went into weapon research and development, to continue to give them an edge over the planet’s natural predators. Being clannish and aggressive, they warred against one another, and this eventually led to a global thermonuclear holocaust, which nearly destroyed their world and all life upon it.

The race was discovered by the Salarians, and they helped the Krogans pull themselves out of the ruins of their home world and to become members of the galactic society. The Krogans helped bring an end to the Rachni wars, but after the Rachni were all but destroyed, the Krogan became a clear and present danger to the rest of the galaxy.

The Krogan rebellion caused the Turians to create and use a horrifying genetic weapon which became known as the Genophage. This genetic infection drastically reduced the female Krogan’s ability to not only become pregnant, but many of those who did gave birth to monstrosities, many which died during or shortly after birth. Maybe one in a thousand Krogan females were able to give birth to genetically normal Krogan.

This ended the rebellions and reduced the Krogan population to only a fraction of what it had once been.



Evolved from reptilian predators, the Krogan are massive humanoids, each standing on average seven feet in height, and weighing around 400 pounds or more. They are thick and heavily muscled, and have scales covering most of their body.

The Krogan have claws on their hands and feet, and small, sharp teeth. These can still be used as formidable weapons, although this has dropped off as they have grown far more used to using firearms and other similar weapons.

Being heavily muscled, they are very strong but they are not as agile as other species. They make up for the lack of mobility with pure ferocity.

Unlike typical predatory species, the eyes of the Krogan are set more to the side, giving them a far wider vision range, which helped them survive on their hostile home world.

Large humps are present on their shoulders and backs, and these are used to store food and moisture, allowing the Krogan to go far longer without either than most other species.

Krogan hides tend to be tan, and have yellow or green markings of various shades covering their scaly hide.  As the Krogan age, the coloring tends to darken. The older the Krogan, the darker their scales and hide is. Thanks to their tough physiology, Krogan have very long lifespans – those that manage to avoid being killed in battle, that is. It is hinted at that one of the most famous Krogan warlords was well over 1400 years in age.  This is rare, considering that most die young in combat. 

Overall the Krogan are a very tough species.



The homeworld of the Krogan had a major hand in shaping their psychology. They are not only tough physically, but mentally as well. Those who interact with Krogan find them to be blunt, rude, selfish and unsympathetic, especially to those who show any kind of weakness. They are also prone to acts of physical violence, especially when someone disagrees with them. This typically comes about as the Krogan will ‘head-butt’ them, showing the offender their displeasure, and also to establish dominance.

Always looking out for ‘number one’, they are extremely territorial, and simply cannot stand to share close quarters with other Krogan – sometimes even with mates.

They despise weakness, but show respect to those who display strength and are independent and self-reliant. Strangely enough, they are not surprised or offended by treachery.  The worst insult a Krogan can give anyone is ‘you’re not worth killing’.

Overall, thanks to the genophage and what has been heaped upon them by the Galaxy, especially the Turians, Krogans possess a deep sense of fatalism and futility, and are highly pessimistic, especially when it comes to their races survival. Many believe there is no future, and as such they live violently, and are short-sighted, and only believe in living in the moment and act only with the attitude of personal gain.

Recently, the sexes have begun live apart, with the females (for the most part) staying on their home world. In the past, the few females who are fertile were treated as prizes to be captured, or fought over.  Now that is not the case, as the females have started clans of their own. Male clans will still go to war over the females, although it is common practice for males to send envoys to try and gain access to the fertile females.

Unlike males, Females are fare more level-headed than males, and prefer to use their intelligence over brute strength – although that is not to say that the females are weak and helpless, as they are not.

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