Starfinder: Hellsinger

Chris Van Deelen

Hellsinger CR 8 XP 4,800

Chaotic evil, medium undead

Init +7; Senses Darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +12


Defense                                                             HP 68

EAC 24; KAC 25

Fort +10; Ref +9; Will +12

Defensive Abilities Sunlight Tolerance; immunities DR 5 / -

Weaknesses Acid, fire.



Speed 30 ft., 90 ft. Fly (excellent)

Melee One bite +16, (1d6+4 P, Crit +1d4 blood loss per round), or two claws +12 (1d10+4 S, Crit 1d3 Temporary Dexterity loss), or one wing slap +16 (1d8+4 B Crit stun for 1d4 rounds), or Starknife, sintered +16 (4d4 P).

Ranged Autobeam rifle, tactical +15 (5d4 F, Crit burn 2d4)

Space 5 ft.; Reach 15 ft. (wing only)

Offensive Abilities  Blood drain, hellsong, infectious bite,

Spell-like abilities Hell song (CL 12)



Str +4; Dex +3; Con -; Int +0; Wis +4; Cha +6

Skills Acrobatics +12, athletics +8, bluff +10, computers +5, disguise +10, engineering +5, piloting +9, sense motive +8, stealth +6

Feats Cleave, improved initiative, light body armor proficiency, long arms proficiency, small arms proficiency, unfriendly fire

Languages Common

Gear Carbon skin, graphite light armor



Environment Any

Organization Solitary or pairs (2)


Special Abilities

Acid and Fire vulnerability The Hellsinger has no damage reduction from any type of acid or fire-based attack or weapon, and suffers an additional +1 per dice damage inflicted by these types of attacks.

Blood Drain (Ex) In order for the Hellsinger to be able to use this attack, it must first grapple a victim. If this succeeds, each round that the victim is grappled, the Hellsinger will automatically inflict its bite damage and an additional 1d6 points of damage caused by blood drain. All blood drained this way heals the vampire for the equivalent amount of damage (if it drains 6 hit points, it will heal 6 hit points).

Hellsong (Sp) What gave these creatures their name is their innate ability to sing a variety of songs, which have different effects. First, they can sing a powerful dirge which will inflict fear into the hearts of all which hear it. The range of this ability is equal to fifty feet and the targets are allowed a Will saving throw (DC 20) or suffer the effects of a fear spell. They can also target a single creature with a different song, and the target is allowed a Will saving throw (DC 20) or become held as per the spell. Finally they are able to sing a final song which will charm a target as per the spell. Once again, the target is allowed a saving throw (DC 20) to avoid the effects of this.

Infectious bite (Ex) Anyone bitten by a Hellsinger must make a Fort save (DC 20) or become infected. Each day the victim is allowed another Fort saving throw (DC 20) or lose 1d3 points of Constitution. When the Constitution score reaches zero, the victim dies and will rise in three days as a Hellsinger.  A cure disease or other similar spell, spell-like ability, or medical drug will cure the victim, and the lost Constitution score will return at the victims’ natural healing rate per day.

Sunlight Tolerance (Ex) If there is no cloud cover, the Hellsinger will suffer only 1d10 hit points of damage per ten minute period, not per round. Furthermore, and any Ultraviolet based weapons do an additional +1 per dice damage to the creature, but will not kill it outright.


The Hellsinger Vampire differs from more classic vampires in the fact that it can go out during the daytime without too much risk to itself. These vampires are slightly vulnerable but not to the extent that many others are.

Physically, these vampires do appear humanoid, and are usually quite indistinguishable from most humanoid races. The only real tell is that they tend to be quite pale, but considering the environments that can be found, this is not a sure-fire way to tell.

They do have two forms though. A human form and then a human / bat-like chimera form. This other form gives the creature the ability to fly at tremendous speeds and tends to cause terror when witnessed by others.

In this form, the vampire becomes more obvious – the ears lengthen and become pointed almost elf-like, their teeth grow into sharp fangs and their hands and feet grow long sharp talons. Of course the wings appear, and are attached to the arms, side and legs. The skin also takes on a more bluish tinge, as if the body is lacking in oxygen.

In combat, the creatures can use the bite and claws that are found when they take their full vampire form, even if they still look human. In their winged shape, they can either bite, slap a foe with their powerful wings, or use their feet talons.

When they bite, they can choose to grapple with the victim and continue to inflict bite and blood drain damage every turn. In order to grapple, they need to perform a Combat Maneuver using their melee to hit, with the difficulty being their targets KAC+13.

These creatures can reproduce in two ways. First they can bite and infect the victim.

The second way is that the females can reproduce sexually. They are fully capable of engaging in sex with the living, but can only reproduce with male Hellsingers. The difference is that the females don’t give birth to live offspring. Instead they lay clusters of eggs, typically 1-12 eggs at a time. The young offspring develop in these eggs over a nine month period and are then born as undead.  The young always are born looking like the bat chimera and stay that way until twelve years have passed and are then able to shapeshift between forms, appearing to be grown adults.

These creatures are cruel and enjoy inflicting pain and terror on those unfortunate enough to live in their territory. They are also very greedy and will sometimes take tribute from creatures less able to defend themselves in order to be left alone.

Of course the size of the tribute determines how long the vampires will leave the creatures, and more often than not the Hellsingers will eventually kill the tribute payer just out of spite and then loot the victim’s home of all valuables.

These creatures also love luxury and always own elaborate mansions, villas, or even luxurious starships, which allow them the freedom to travel the space ways and hunt for prey.

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