Starfinder: Glowing Thirst

Chris Van Deelen

Glowing Thirsts CR 5 XP 1600

Neutral Evil medium undead

Init +7; Senses Darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +7


Defense                                                             HP 56

EAC 20; KAC 21

Fort +4; Ref +8 ; Will +13

Defensive Abilities Damage reduction 5 (magic weapons +1 or better), feeding regeneration

Weaknesses Ultraviolet Vulnerability



Speed 30 ft.  (ground), 80 ft. (flight)

Melee 1 bite +12 (1d6+7 P crit 1d6+1d3 bleed per round) or two claws +8 (1d4+7 S)

Offensive Abilities Blood drain, grapple, paralytic bite



Str +7 ; Dex +3; Con -; Int -3; Wis +3; Cha +0

Skills Acrobatics +7, athletics +10

Feats Cleave, improved initiative, iron will

Languages None

Gear None



Environment Any (but protection from sunlight must be easily accessible)

Organization Solitary, or small pack (2d4)


Special Abilities

Blood Drain (Ex) If the creature has paralyzed a victim, they will automatically drain 1d6+1 hit points of blood per round, for up to six rounds maximum, or until 18 hit points of blood has been consumed.

Create Spawn (Su) Any creature that is slain by a Glowing Thirst will rise from the grave 3 days after death as one of these undead beasts. They lose all memories and personality as well as any classes, skills or other abilities.

Feeding Regeneration (Ex) As the creature feeds upon blood, it is able to heal any damage it has sustained at the rate of one hit point per two hit points drained from the victim (rounded down, minimum of one point). So if it has sucked five hit points of blood from a target, it can heal two hit points of damage. It cannot heal past its normal hit point allocation, however.

Glow (Su) One major vulnerability these vampiric undead creatures have is their glowing flesh. The green glow projects light the equivalent to torch-light out to a 30 ft. radius, and as such makes it all but impossible for these beasts to sneak up on a victim.

Grapple (Ex) Because they cannot attack through stealth, will use their great speed and flight ability to swarm in on targets. They are strong enough to be able to lift up to three hundred pounds and still maintain their flight capability. With their great speed, they can fly up into the night sky and drop anything they manage to grab. This requires a successful grapple check. They will attempt to feed on the victim while in flight, but if the victim inflicts too much damage to the undead creature, or if they have drank their fill, they will simply let go of the victim. Anyone dropped, unless they have the ability to fly, will suffer falling damage.

Paralytic Bite (Ex) Anyone bitten by one of these monstrosities must immediately make a Fort save (DC  ) or be paralyzed for 2d6 rounds. Even if the saving throw is successful, the target will suffer a -2 to attack rolls, Ref saves, and AC due to the stiffening of the muscles and mis-firing of the nervous system.


Ultraviolet Vulnerability (Ex) They take triple damage from any UV-based weapons, spells or spell-like abilities, and if they are exposed to actual sunlight, they must make a Fort save (DC20) every round or be killed outright. Even if they save, they will still suffer 3d8 points of damage per round until they perish or can make it to safety.


War – war never changes. Technology, when combined with necromatic arts can and has produced monsters as horrible as anything seen in the distant past.  

The overall appearance of this particular breed of vampire is that of a grey-skinned, hairless human with white eyes, pointed elf-like ears, bat-like wings and fangs. They also appear to be malnourished, as the flesh of these creatures is pulled tightly over their musculature, making them look sickly and oddly enough – powerful at the same time. What gives these vampire’s  the name is the bright-green glow they give off, which makes it difficult to say the least for them to try and sneak up on other creatures.

Like many of the varying types of vampires, these undead monsters are susceptible to ultraviolet radiation, which will kill them in a matter of less than a minute if they are exposed to such.

These creatures are mindless. They have no intelligence and live strictly to feed and sleep. They always sleep during the daylight hours, well hidden from the sun and would-be hunters. Like bats, they hang from the roof or ceiling of their homes.

When forced to fight on the ground, the creatures are capable of clawing and biting. They can only bite while flying, as their wings are too busy keeping them aloft to do anything else. The bite will also inject a paralytic poison which they use to try and ensure any prey will be more docile when it comes to feeding.

Strangely enough, these beasts will only feed for a maximum of six rounds, draining 1d6+1 points of blood damage per round, up to a maximum of 18 hit points. If the victim expires before this, they will target a new source for blood and pick up where they left off, so if a victim died after four rounds of blood drain, they will only feed for two rounds off the next victim before making their escape.

No matter what, once they have sated their hunger, they will leave the creature. This does not mean that another might come and take its place, but more than a few victims have survived their encounter with these creatures as a result.

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