Starfinder: Flukemen

Chris Van Deelen

Flukemen Combatant CR 8 XP 4,800

Neutral medium monstrous humanoid

Init +4; Senses: Darkvision 120 ft.; Perception +16


Defense                                                             HP 125

EAC: 20; KAC: 22

Fort: +10; Ref: +12; Will: +9

Defensive Abilities: Regeneration; Immunities: Disease, poison, radiation

Weakness: Vulnerability to Acid and fire



Speed: 30 feet, swim 90 feet.

Melee: Bite +20 (3d4+12 P Crit DC +2), or two claws +16 (1d8+12 S Crit filth fever disease DC +2)

Space: 5 ft., Reach: 5 ft.

Offensive Abilities: Larval Infestation



Str +4; Dex +4; Con +2; Int +0; Wis +2; Cha +0

Skills: Athletics +21, stealth +16, survival +16 one random skill 1d4+1 ranks.

Other Abilities: Disease carrier, host link

Languages: Telepathic communication



Environment: Any sewer or area that is contaminated with filth.

Organization: Solitary, small groups (1d4+1)


Special Abilities

Disease carrier (Ex): From living in the filth of the sewers and other such locations, anyone that suffers a bite or claw from one of these carriers needs to make a Fort save (DC 16) or come down with the Filth fever disease (page 418 core rule book). A new save is required every time this creature successfully strikes in combat.

Host Link (Su): An unintentional side effect of the creature’s horrible birth is they develop a telepathic bond with their host parent. This has a range of up to 5 miles, and although the host cannot sense the spawn, the spawn knows instantly where the host is located. This is always active, and if the spawn so desires, it can communicate telepathically with the host. Also, the spawn typically gains a few skill ranks in a random skill, which could include a profession. This must coincide with the host, and they gain 1d4+1 ranks in that skill, although it can never exceed the hosts original skill rank level.

Larval Infestation (Ex): In combat, the creature will typically attempt to bite a target in order to spread the creature’s offspring. If it does so, the target must make a Fort save (DC 16) or become infested with 1d6 of the creature’s larvae.  Those that fail find that they have a terrible taste in their mouths, as well as a sore throat and have difficulty swallowing. This will last for 1d4 days. When the final day arrives, the larvae will then eject itself from the host’s mouth, tearing its way up through the throat, causing 6d6 damage. This is direct hit point damage and will not affect the victim’s stamina! If the host survives they heal normally, but more often than not the host is killed as the larvae expels itself from their body. The immature larvae have only 6 hit points and a AC of 7, but move at astonishing speeds (double the regular movement rates) and will head to any cover they can find, doing their best to escape. They have only 48 hours to find water (the filthier, the better). If they are incapable of finding water, they shrivel up and die.

Regeneration (Ex): The creature is able to regenerate from any damage it sustains, except for acid or fire. It automatically regenerates 1 hit point per round, and can regenerate from death as a result. The only way to kill it permanently is to burn the remains with acid or fire.

Telepathic Communication (Ex): This monstrous humanoid is able to telepathically speak with any creature within its line of sight. This bypasses the need to be able to speak or understand any language. This can be used at will.

Vulnerability (Ex): The creatures suffer an additional +2 to any DC involving acid or fire, and cannot regenerate this type of damage. It has to heal naturally, typically over a period of days.


The Flukeman is a disgusting humanoid creature that was first discovered hidden in the sewage treatment plant on one of the major space stations. This creature is either a heavily mutated flatworm, or something that was created using genetic engineering – or magic.

This creature lives in filth and decay and is always found in sewers as well as other heavily polluted areas. These creatures are for the most part content to wallow in the filth and eat whatever catches their fancy.  These creatures are a constant threat and nuisance in larger communities, where they live in the sewers and dumps, feeding off refuse and other offal.

They do possess an insidious means of reproduction. They carry dozens of larvae in their mouths, which are circular in shape and have four large puncturing teeth situated evenly near the top and bottom, while a smaller, second jaw is located on the inside which contains even more teeth.

What takes many by surprise is that they are in fact quite cunning, and possess a human level intellect. Some are cruel and live to kill, feed or infest. Some are cruel and take pleasure in tormenting those they hunt. This is not always the case though, many are simply content to live and let live, using animals or other such creatures to infest with their young instead of intelligent beings.

On average, the creature is pale skinned, being a sickly white in color and quite wrinkled. Its eyes are a greenish yellow and are located on the head, as a human's would be. It has to small, nearly vestigial ears and its hands have only three long fingers that end in nasty claws, which they can use in combat, if the need arises.

All of the creatures are completely genderless, being neither male nor female and having no external sexual organs. They reproduce via transmitting larvae, which they all carry in their mouths.

These creatures have no use for any sort of treasure or technological items and because they don't have a particular lair or home which they return on a regular basis. As a result there is no chance of random treasure being found around them. Despite, or maybe because of their choice in living habitats, these creatures are completely immune to disease, poisons and strangely enough - radiation.

Although the creature’s ‘birth’ is often deadly to the host, and always horrifying and traumatizing, those that survive find they have a limited telepathic link to their unintended offspring. Furthermore, the offspring are often able to gain memories and skills from their hosts, and can make use of them. Even the creatures which tend to be cruel and heartless often leave their ‘birth’ hosts alone, feeling a bond of kinship with the victims they were spawned from.

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