Starfinder: Faceless

Chris Van Deelen

Faceless Expert CR 7 XP 3,200

Neutral medium Outsider (human, lawful)

Init +9; Senses: Blindsight 60 ft.; Perception +19


Defense                                                             HP 100

EAC: 24; KAC: 25 (Gold AbadarCorp travel suit)

Fort: +8; Ref: +6; Will: +10

Defensive Abilities: true conviction; Immunities: all sight-based attacks, all attacks which require the victim to breathe.



Speed: 30 feet

Melee: Incapacitator +14 (3d4+11 B)

Ranged: Advanced semi-auto pistol +16 (2d6+7 P)

Offensive Abilities: Utter certainty



Str +4; Dex +5; Con +0; Int +2; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Acrobatics +14 , athletics +14, intimidate +14, sense motive +19

Feats: improved initiative

Other Abilities: Call for backup

Languages: Common and one other



Environment: Any

Organization: Solitary, partners (2) or patrols (3)


Special Abilities

Call for backup (Su): If a situation is dire enough, the Faceless can attempt to call for reinforcements. They have a 25% chance to summon an additional 1d3 Faceless, which will arrive in 1d6 rounds. This ability can be used once per day.

True Conviction (Su): The Faceless are so certain of the cause they are part of, that they can often ignore attacks that would otherwise kill them. As such, they are immune to the effects of critical hits – unless it is from a ranged attack which comes from at least 250 feet away, and if that is the case, they can be affected by the critical hit as per normal.

Utter Certainty (Su): Their belief in their abilities is so powerful that they can choose once every three rounds, to add +20 to a single melee or ranged attack roll.


These particular law-enforcers originated in another reality, one in which time-travel had been discovered and could be manipulated by travelling along certain roads or rail-ways on one planet. The Faceless were created by the government when these ‘roads’ were originally discovered in order to protect the timeline and also to protect certain artifacts which were instrumental in the creation of these ‘roads’.

The faceless always appear as men, typically dressed in the fashion of the era they had been recruited from – but the clothing will always be considered ‘business wear’. They are always wearing masks, and typically wear a hat – again typically what was at the height of fashion for the time they came from.

When the organization was established, it was determined at the time that only men would be allowed to join the ranks of the Faceless. This tradition has been upheld throughout the years of the organizations existence and will never change. It is strictly a fraternity and although they treat all they encounter with equality, no females will ever be allowed to join the ranks.

And they are exclusively human.

No one from other races is allowed to join, as on the plane of existence they originated, only humans were present.

The size and shape of each of the Faceless varies, as no two are exactly alike. They can be tall or short, fat or thin, muscular or wiry. The only thing they have in common is that they are totally bald, and are utterly featureless. They do not possess eyes, nose, mouth or ears, and yet they never suffocate, require food. They seem to be able to hear just fine, and although they are technically blind, they can still ‘see’ thanks to the total and utter certainty they possess!

As a group, these men are completely lawful and they will always follow the law to the letter. They typically cannot be reasoned with, although they are often willing to discuss matters. They do not want or require anyone’s help, and the few times they need it, they always get it from other faceless. When engaged in conversation, they are polite to a fault, even when they are attacking or ‘interrogating’. They will never harm anyone who is innocent for that matter, but such instances are rare when it comes to encountering such.

Strangely enough, typically only those they are after will notice how ‘off’ the Faceless seem. To anyone who encounters them, they appear perfectly normal, even when they are wearing masks or when they are mask-less. Only those they are after will see their true nature. All others see them as men of law, police, or peacekeepers.

When someone sees them for what they truly are, it does not mean that they are in danger – they could be people of interest, and the Faceless typically only want to question them. There are those who are considered lawbreakers however, and they have to deal with the Faceless. They will not attack, unless the lawbreaker instigates combat, and even then the faceless will attempt to persuade the lawbreaker to surrender. Those who surrender are then handed off to the local authorities. Those who fight – well they are typically handed over to the coroner.

It is quite rare when a faceless will get involved in the real world. This happens only when time-travel is involved, and if the travellers are attempting to change the past. They are also guardians of powerful artifacts and will hunt down those who steal or attempt to steal such artifacts. Entire legions of these faceless lawmen have been dispatched to deal with threats involving artifacts or events which could lead to the deaths of millions or the destruction of entire planes of existence.

Most of the time, a maximum of three faceless will be seen. Only if the threat they are attempting to deal with is more than they bargained for will they call in reinforcements.

Once the Faceless are on the trail of a fugitive, they will not relent. They will only give up under certain conditions – the fugitive or fugitives are in custody or dead, the artifact they are meddling with is retrieved, or they are returned to their own timeline or plane of existence. Even if the Faceless are killed, there will always be more to take their place – even the faceless which were killed, as they can travel freely through time and death does not truly affect them.

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