Starfinder: Dimensional Dragon

Chris Van Deelen

Dimensional Dragon Combatant CR 12 XP 19,200

Neutral huge outsider (extradimensional)

Init +0; Senses: Blindsight (life-force 1000 feet), Darkvision 240 feet; Perception +27


Defense                                                             HP 200

EAC: 26; KAC: 28

Fort: +14; Ref: +10; Will: +16

Immunities: Cold, energy, vacuum



Speed: N/A

Melee: 1d3+4 tentacles +26 (3d6+24 B per tentacle)

Space: 15 ft., Reach: 30 ft.

Offensive Abilities: Psychic Assault, tentacle assault



Str +12; Dex +0; Con +5; Int -3; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Intimidate +22 survival +22

Other Abilities: Debilitating roar, dream hunter

Languages: None



Environment: Any starship or technological ruin

Organization: Solitary


Special Abilities

Debilitating Roar (Ex): The creature emits a constant roar, which can be very disconcerting and anyone hearing it must make a Will save (DC 19) suffer -2 to hit, saving throws, and skill checks as long as they can hear the beast.

Dream Hunter (Su): Often the creature will make its lair somewhere near a technologically advanced society. Once per day, it will randomly sense a sleeping intelligent creature. It will fill the targets mind with the images of whatever ship or ruin it inhabits, dropping hints at what kind of wonderful technological treasure might be waiting to be found. The victim is allowed a Will save (DC 19) and if it succeeds, the victim will be filled with a dread, knowing that something horrifying is waiting to turn the victim into its next meal. Otherwise, the victim will gain an instinctual knowledge of where the ruin or the ship is located and do whatever it can to travel to that location.

Psychic Assault (Su): This beast is capable of sensing the life-force of anyone within 1000 feet. As long as the beast can sense the victim the dimensional dragon can, as a move action, make the psychic assault. The victim is allowed a Will save (DC 19). If the save fails, and the victim is beyond the grasp of the creature, the victim must move towards the creature at its maximum movement rate. The creature will guide it, ensuring it takes the shortest route to get to the creature. Once the victim is within the beasts range, the victim is then paralyzed with terror and cannot act. This will allow the creature to grab the victim and shove it into its maw to be consumed. The victim is allowed a saving throw every round to break free of the effects of this attack.

Tentacle Assault (Ex): For each tentacle which strikes the target, the grapple penalty is reduced by 2. So if four tentacles strike, instead of the victim gaining +13 to its KAC, the victim only gains a +5.


It is said that this creature was originally discovered off-world, by the various exploration vessels sent deep into unexplored space. Others believe that this monster is from another dimension of existence, one which has managed to create ‘lairs’ in which it uses ruins and derelict ships to lure prey, where it gates in and then attacks to feed.

When viewed, the monster looks like a mass of tentacles attached to a dark brown, misshapen body. There is a single massive, blue-white eye in the center of the body and a large opening just beneath that glows with a hellish and terrifying crimson light. This area is likewise filled with smaller tentacles, which it uses to grab hold of prey to drag into the body to be consumed.

The beast is constantly roaring, and this can have a very detrimental effect on those who hear it. Furthermore, the monster is able to mentally assault a target and force it to move towards it, where the beast can grab and then consume the victim.

When the beast fights, it uses its tentacles in order to strike at anything within range. It will inflict horrible damage and even if it kills the target, the tentacles will wrap around the corpse and drag it into the waiting maw where it is consumed.  The more tentacles which strike, the easier it is for the beast to drag a victim into its waiting maw.  This requires a single round and the victim is instantly killed on the beginning of the creatures next round – unless the beast itself is killed before this happens.  On the following round the desiccated corpse, nothing more than bones held together in leathery flesh, clothing, and gear will be ejected.

As it turns out the beast is completely immune to all types of energy attacks, but is vulnerable to physical weapons, such as melee and projectile weaponry.

Although the beast lives in another dimension, it is able to reach across the barriers to the reality where it has set up its lair. This location is always filled with the corpses of its previous meals, and since feeding on these creatures does not harm any items they were carrying, it will use images of the technology present in its lair or on the bodies of its victims to lure prey to its location.

It is not known how long these beasts live, or how often they feed, but one of the numerous legends spoken in whispers in various spacer bars tell of huge graveyards of ships, all docked or floating in the darkness around a single vessel. It is said that anyone who goes to these locations never return, their bodies and technology added to the massive trove of treasure accumulated by this ‘dimensional dragon’.

It now haunts abandoned spacecraft and those who have managed to find their way to the surface always hide deep in ancient ruins, surrounded by man-made corridors and structures. It is never found in the wild, but for some reason is always attracted to ruins that are rich in high-technology. The only indication that a ruin might contain one or more of these beasts are the corpses that have been left behind, as it never appears until living beings are present. It will then use its special ability to appear and attack. Those in the know will realize that they are in terrible danger once the winds begin and a swirling cloud of light will appear out of nowhere, spinning for 3d4 rounds until the creature emerges into this plane of existence.

The creature is only slightly more intelligent than your average animal and is a pure predator.  Thanks to it being immune to all types of energy, the creature is rather difficult to kill. No one knows how the beast is able to sense prey which enters its lair, but it will always appear as soon as suitable prey appears within the location it has chosen.

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