Starfinder: Demoniac, Master

Chris Van Deelen

Demoniac, Master Combatant CR 13 XP 25,600

Lawful Evil Medium construct (technological, unliving)

Init +10; Senses. Darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +23


Defense                                                             HP  225

EAC: 27; KAC: 29

Fort: +13; Ref: +13; Will: +10

Defensive Abilities: DR 13 against all physical attacks; Immunities: Construct and unliving immunities

Vulnerabilities: Electrical vulnerability



Speed: 50 ft.

Melee: Claw +27 (3d12+21 S Crit bleed 3d4) or Zero-edge Doshko +27 (7d12+21)

Ranged: Paragon Shirren-eye rifle +24 (6d10+13 P), or +24 Advanced reaction-cannon (6d10+8)

Offensive Abilities: Nanite infection



Str +8; Dex +6; Con -; Int +2; Wis +0; Cha +2

Skills: Athletics +28, disguise +23, engineering +28, piloting +23

Feats: Improved initiative

Other Abilities: Control demoniac, convert corpse, shapeshift, weapon use

Languages: Common, and two other local languages (depending on location of infection)



Environment: Any

Organization: Solitary or small groups (1d3)


Special Abilities

Control Demoniac (Su): Any common Demoniac within 5 miles of the Master are under its full and complete control. They will follow its order without question.

Convert Corpse (Ex): The creature can automatically convert a dead corpse into another Demoniac by inflicting a claw attack. The corpse will then go through a rapid conversion, becoming a fully functional Demoniac in only 1d8+2 rounds.

Electrical Vulnerability (Ex): They are vulnerable when it comes to electrical attacks, taking an additional +1 damage per dice. Unlike the common Demoniacs, they cannot be staggered from taking electrical damage.

Nanite Infection (Ex): Anyone who has taken damage from the claws of these creatures must make a Fort save (DC 19) or become infected by the nanites. The nanites will then begin to convert the living tissue into nanotechnology. This takes 2d8+12 hours to complete, and during this period of time, the victim has no idea what is happening to them, and may not even be aware something is wrong. They might experience strange visions and nightmares, and become more and more prone to anger outbursts and so forth, but that is the extent of it. Once the time is up, the victim will simply metamorphosis into a new Demoniac, losing all its former memories and abilities. When this happens, the creature will then attack all living beings nearby in order to infect and spread the infection. The Nanite infection can be cured through magic, or by subjecting the victim to a powerful EMP pulse or electrical attack.

Shapeshift (Su): The master demoniac is able to take the form of a normal-looking humanoid. The form it takes is always the one it wore before its conversion to a Demoniac. This is a free action, and while it appears to be humanoid, it cannot use its natural weapons. It is still vulnerable to electricity and retains its natural damage reduction against all types of physical attack.

Weapon Use (Ex): Strangely enough, the creature is capable of using any weapon it can get its hand on, regardless of the level. It will always carry at least one ranged weapon and melee weapon, but will typically forgo both in order to use its claws in order to infect targets.


The Masters are an exceedingly rare version of the Demoniacs. Unlike the common version, these Nanite-infused creatures are still completely self-aware, and retain their memories and intellect. The difference is the vast majority of these creatures are bent on infecting the populace with their nanites, turning everyone into demoniacs. Only one in a thousand Demoniacs turn out to be masters.

They are fully capable of appearing to be normal humanoids, and can interact with others without arousing any suspicion. They are the planners, and they will spend months, sometimes years, devising a plan to take over anything from a major city to a country or even a planet. The Masters are also fully capable of creating more masters, but will only do so when they need ‘help’ from them. This typically will occur when they are dealing with a large population, or an area where the population happens to be scattered across a great deal of territory.

These creatures are also fully capable of planting caches of Nanites in strategic locations such as morgues and funeral homes, leaving the traps dormant until they are ready to activate and infect the dead, creating a large number of demoniacs to be used at nearly a moment’s notice.

Unlike regular Demoniacs, the outer appearance of the masters is never the same. They all have the basic appearance of a robot, or someone wearing form-fitting armor, but that is the extent of it. The coloration varies from master to master. This includes the eye-color and even patterns of light which are visible across their bodies.

Even the weapons they carry and even have built into their bodies vary. Some stick with the standard claws, while others grow razor-edged teeth, some have retractable blades, or even blades which follow the outside of their arms. There are those who even use whip-like weapons or ranged weapons. They are also capable of using any weapon they get their hands on, and ignore conditions like unwieldy.

Sometimes when a master is created, it  will reject the programming of the nanites and will go ‘rogue’, and as such instead of attempting to infect and convert the populace, it will instead hunt down and destroy any infestation, and will even work with others to take down other masters. Unfortunately, these masters are rare, only being produced when an extremely strong-willed individual is infected and is able to fight the programing inherent with the Nanites.

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