Starfinder: Demoniac

Chris Van Deelen

Demoniac, Common Combatant CR 3 XP 800

Neutral medium construct (technological, unliving)

Init +3; Senses Darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +8


Defense                                                             HP 40

EAC: 14; KAC: 16

Fort: +3; Ref: +3; Will: +0

Defensive Abilities: DR 3 against all physical attacks; Immunities: Construct and unliving immunities

Vulnerabilities: Electricity



Speed: 50 ft.

Melee: +12 claw (1d6+7 S, Crit bleed 1d3) or +12 Dueling sword (1d6+7 S)

Ranged: +9 Semi-auto pistol, Tactical (1d6+3 P)

Offensive abilities: Nanite infection



Str +4; Dex +3; Con -; Int -2; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Athletics +8, Piloting +13

Other Abilities: Convert corpse, weapon use

Languages: None



Environment: Anywhere

Organization: Solitary, small groups (1d4), medium groups (2d10), large groups (4d12), hoards (10d100)


Special Abilities

Convert Corpse (Ex): The creature can automatically convert a dead corpse into another Demoniac by inflicting a claw attack. The corpse will then go through a rapid conversion, becoming a fully functional Demoniac in only 1d8+2 rounds.

Electricity Vulnerability (Ex): They are vulnerable when it comes to electrical attacks, taking an additional +1 damage per dice and must make a Fort save (DC 10 + 1/2 damage inflicted) or become staggered until the beginning of their next round.

Nanite Infection (Ex): Anyone who has taken damage from the claws of these creatures must make a Fort save (DC12) or become infected by the nanites. The nanites will then begin to convert the living tissue into nanotechnology. This takes 2d8+12 hours to complete, and during this period of time, the victim has no idea what is happening to them, and may not even be aware something is wrong. They might experience strange visions and nightmares, and become more and more prone to anger outbursts and so forth, but that is the extent of it. Once the time is up, the victim will simply metamorphosis into a new Demoniac, losing all its former memories and abilities. When this happens, the creature will then attack all living beings nearby in order to infect and spread the infection. The Nanite infection can be cured through magic, or by subjecting the victim to a powerful EMP pulse or electrical attack.

Weapon Use (Ex): Strangely enough, the creature is capable of using any weapon it can get its hand on, regardless of the level. It will always carry at least one ranged weapon and melee weapon, but will typically forgo both in order to use its claws in order to infect targets.


Demoniac’s come in two forms – the common, which is mindless and has only one purpose, and the Master, which is fully intelligent and can lead and command.

The common Demoniac appears to be nothing more than a humanoid robot. They possess long, retractable claws on both hands, and are capable of making two attacks per round (at the usual -4 penalty). The body is made up of strong yet flexible plates, and it does not appear to have a mouth, but there are two bright yellow lights were the eyes would be. The torso is typically a sterile white in coloration, with the arms and legs being a pale blue. All commons are identical in appearance, no matter the gender or size before they were infected.

These creatures were created through the use of nanotechnology, and were meant to be a weapon to use against the enemy, turning the population into an attack force. The nanites work best and quickest on dead bodies, typically converting the corpse to a fully functional Demoniac in less than a minute. As such, terrorist groups or even Master Demoniacs will often spread the nanites throughout morgues or other such locations to create a ready-made army in a matter of minutes.

These nanite-created constructs then spread out to ensure that the living is likewise infected. All that is required is a scratch from one of these creatures, or somehow getting the blood-like fluid on their flesh to ensure that infection takes place.

Strangely enough, these creatures are fully capable of using any weapon – be it melee, firearm, high or low tech, they get their hands on. They will use the weapons with great relish, especially when they plan on wounding targets, which make them more pliable and easy to infect.

Especially when they are dead.

The Demoniacs are also capable of piloting anything, be it a car, airplane, helicopter, motorcycle or even a starship. They will use such transportation in order to travel to new locations to continue spreading the infection.

Any physical attack against the Demoniacs is often reduced by the naturally tough metal of their bodies, and anything foolish enough to use natural weapons (especially a bite), has a chance of becoming infected with the Nanite plague.

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