Starfinder: Cylon IL Series

Chris Van Deelen

Cylon IL Series Expert CR 5 XP 1,600

Lawful Evil medium construct

Init +4; Senses: Low-light vision 60 ft.; Perception +16


Defense                                                             HP 65

EAC: 17; KAC: 18

Fort: +2; Ref: +2; Will: +8

Defensive abilities: Resistance 5 against acid, cold and electricity; Immunities: construct, unliving



Speed: 30 ft.

Melee: Assassin’s dagger +10 (1d8+5 S Crit bleed 1d6)

Ranged: Corona laser pistol +12 (2d4+5 F Crit burn 1d4)

Space: 5 ft., Reach: 5 ft.

Offensive Abilities: Corrupt electronics, sneak attack



Str +0; Dex +4; Con -; Int +4; Wis +; Cha +2

Skills: Acrobatics +11, athletics +11, luff +16, diplomacy +16, computers +11, culture +11, sense motive +16, sleight of hand +11

Feats: Diversion, fast talk, improved initiative

Other Abilities: Call reinforcements, improved command bolster

Languages: Common, Cylon



Environment: Any

Organization: Solitary, pairs


Special Abilities

Call reinforcements (Ex): As a full round action, the IL can request reinforcements. 2d6 regular centurions and 1 commander will arrive within 1d6 rounds of this request being sent. The IL can use this ability once per day.  

Corrupt electronics (Ex): As a standard action, the IL series can send out special ‘virus data packets’ to any weapons or electronics it can see within 100 feet. The IL has to choose what item is being affected and the item is allowed a WILL save DC 15 (see page 409 of the core book) or the item shuts down for 1d4 rounds. If the item in question does not use any electronics, then it is immune to this effect.

Improved command bolster (Ex): Taking into account the ability the commander possesses, the IL series is able to use a very similar, but improved ability.  All centurions and commanders in range will gain a +3 to both EAC and KAC and have their movement increased by 10 ft. Also while under the influence of the command bolster, centurions gain the deadly aim feat.  This translates into a -2 to hit, but the affected units gain +6 damage (which will stack with hatred). Finally any units affected by this gain a +2 to all saving throws. This lasts for 1 minute and can be used once per hour, and can effect up to 12 centurions and 2 commanders at once. Also because the Commanders are typically more intelligent than the average Centurion, they will use tactics, taking control of the other centurions, making them use cover, suppressing fire, ensure they flank, concentrate fire on a single target and so forth.

Sneak Attack (Ex): As a free action, the IL is allowed a bluff check against a target, and if it succeeds, any attacks which hit automatically add an additional +5 damage, and the target must make a Will save DC  15 or be stunned for a single round.


The IL series of the Cylon race are the leaders, thinkers, schemers, diplomats and politicians of the robotic race.

Physically the IL series appear almost feminine in design, and where the Cylon centurions are large and rather brutish, the IL units are slender and graceful, and surprisingly quick and agile. They tend to dress in elaborate costumes, robes which are always constructed of rich fabrics. The clothing also acts as armor for the robots, which provide more than basic protection and also provide excellent protection against acid, cold, and electricity. Unlike centurions and commanders, the IL series have a pair of eyes, instead of the cyclopean single eye. The eyes are red, and they do move from right to left, as is the case with the centurions and commanders. When they speak, their mouth brightens and dims in time with their words, making it appear as if they are using it. Their heads are also clear, showing glowing circuitry beneath the hard ceramiplastic cover.

Despite their appearances, those who encounter these robots in a combative situation are taken by surprise at how quick these creatures react.

They are more than capable of using firearms, and prefer to use laser pistols, while they are also quite proficient when it comes to melee combat, and will use a dagger, or if none are available, they will use the typical gladius or even the assault laser rifle carried by the centurions. The IL series prefers not to though, as they find such weapons to be primitive and distasteful. It does not mean they will not use them in a pinch – as a matter of fact, the IL series robots can use any type of weapon, with the exception of heavy weapons, proficiently.

They just do not want to.

When encountered, these robots tend to use guile against those they meet. They are open to dialog and are willing to engage in diplomacy, but always to their advantage – be it waiting for centurions to arrive or to further their machinations and spread the influence of the Cylon Empire.

Rarely are these units ever found alone. When encountered, they are accompanied by a Commander and three centurions. The IL Cylons rely on the other units to protect and cover them, as such they will always seek shelter or to escape a combat situation. When they cannot, they will fight back, using trickery to achieve victory against those who would dare attack them.

In Cylon society, they are always at odds with one another, trying to win as much political favor as possible, with one major goal in mind – to become the Imperious Leader. Only one can exist at a time, and the IL units will spend uncounted years playing the political game against one another, acquiring ships, land, troops and other such resources.

Thus the reason they are rarely found together. If they are ever found in one another’s presence, it is because one typically has something the other wants, or is attempting to gain favor or is paying back a debt owed.

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