Starfinder: Colonial Raptor

Chris Van Deelen

Colonial Raptor (Tier 5)

Small shuttle

Speed 8; Maneuverability perfect (turn 0)

AC 24; TL 23

HP 40; DT 12; CT 8

Attack (Forward) chain cannon (6d4), micromissile battery (2d6) x2 linked

Attack (Turret) high explosive missile launcher (4d8)

Power Core(s) Pulse Brown (90 PCU); Drift Engine Single; Systems advanced long-range sensors, mk 8 armor, mk 8 defences, mk 1 mononode computer (tier 2); Security anti-hacking systems mk 1 (DC +1), computer countermeasures (feedback, firewall, lockout)

Modifiers +1 any one check per round, +4 Computers, +2 Piloting; Complement 2


Gunner gunnery +12

Pilot Computers +14 (5 ranks), gunnery +7, Piloting +16 (5 ranks)

Passengers 10

BP 131/135

PCU 89 / 79 / 90


Designed as an multi-task and versatile ship, able to act as scout, battlefield logistics, ground support, transport, and search and rescue. The Raptor is a heavy shuttle, commonly nicknamed 'Flying Pillboxes or Buses. The original Raptor was eventually retired, with the newer version upgraded with heavier armor, more weapon systems, and a powerful ECM suite. This was a much needed change, as the original raptor was quite vulnerable to Cylon attacks, although thanks to their rear-mounted cannons, they had a better than even chance of survival against small groups of raiders. With the redesign, it carries a full complement of missiles and other weapons, and can act as ground support in battlefield operations. The ship is 8.5 meters long, by 5.6 meters wide by 2.9 meters tall, and weighs 51 metric tons.

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