Starfinder: Codex

Chris Van Deelen

Codex Combatant CR 6 XP 2,400

Neutral medium construct (technological)

Init + 5; Senses: Darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision 60 ft.; Perception +13


Defense                                                             HP 90

EAC: 18; KAC: 20

Fort: +6; Ref: +6; Will: +3

Defensive Abilities: Damage cloning; Immunities: Construct immunities, unliving

Weakness: Electrical vulnerability



Speed: 40 ft.

Melee: Zudjari mono-edge combat blade Mk 3 +14 (2d4+9 S Crit wound), or touch +14 (1d4+9 E Crit stun)

Ranged: Light plasma rifle Mk 3 +17 (2d6+6 E&F Crit burn 1d6)

Space: 5 ft., Reach: 5 ft.

Offensive Abilities: Nanite swarm



Str +2; Dex +5; Con -; Int +1; Wis +1; Cha +1

Skills: Acrobatics +18, athletics +13, stealth +13

Other Abilities: Teleportation

Languages: Common



Environment: Any

Organization: Solitary, pairs, trios, small groups (1d4+3)


Special Abilities

Damage Cloning (Su): Whenever the unit is struck by damage in combat, it will immediately make a duplicate of itself. It can only do this once per combat, and the clones cannot clone themselves. EAC and KAC remain the same, but both melee and ranged attacks suffer a -4 to hit, and hit points remaining after taking damage are divided evenly between the two. Strangely enough, the clone retains the weapons the original was using, but when the clone is destroyed, the weapons it cloned likewise are destroyed. Note that any clone created will appear randomly. To determine this, roll 1d8. This determines the direction (1=N, 2=NE, 3=E, 4=SE, 5=S, 6=SW, 7=W, 8=NW), and then roll 1d10 and multiply by 10 ft. If this means that the clone will appear in a wall, vacuum, or any such dangerous location, simply reroll the distance, or place it as close to the rolled location that is safe.

Electrical Vulnerability (Ex): Being constructed of nanites, the Codex is actually quite vulnerable to the effects of electricity and EMP. As a result, it takes an additional 2 points of damage per dice, and any saves involved are at a -4.

Nanite Swarm (Ex): As a full round action, the Codex can choose to use a portion of its nanites to attack all the weapons a unit is carrying. This creates a swarm of active nanites 10 feet in diameter. The target has to be within line of sight and within 75 feet. Anything caught in the swarm that is using non-archaic weapons are subject to attack by the nanites. The items are allowed a Fort save (DC 14). If the save fails, the item is rendered non-functional. This can easily be remedied however, by the user making a successful engineering roll (DC 14). If the user does not have engineering, then the weapon cannot be used until someone with the engineering skill can re-activate it. The Codex can only generate a swarm like this once every 24 hours.

Teleportation (Su): As a movement action, the Codex is capable of teleporting to any location that is in its line of sight, and within 300 feet of its current location. It can use this ability once every 2 rounds.


Codex’s are alien constructs that are in fact a swarm of active nanotechnology. These creatures always take the physical appearance of a humanoid female, with bright, gold-shaded glowing flesh. The head is encased in a helmet, with more nanites, black in color, making up the Codex’s hair.

These creatures may not be the greatest combatants the aliens have employed, but they do have several advantages that other units do not possess – such as the ability to teleport to any location they can physically see, and when they suffer damage in combat, they can make identical clones of themselves.

Acting as support for other alien allies, the Codex can target enemy units and unleash a swarm of nanites, which have a very good chance to disable any weapon systems carried by the enemy soldiers. This can often change the tide of battle in favor for the alien oppressors.

In combat, the Codex will use their teleport ability to get the most advantageous spot possible. They will also attempt to use stealth in order to take advantage of surprise. They will use their Nanite swarm against the most heavily armed targets they can see, or if a group of enemy combatants happen to be in close proximity to one another. The Codex are not stupid, and will use whatever tactics they can, and will co-ordinate with their clones or other units to maximize their potential.

Once a Codex is destroyed, the Nanites deactivate and detonate, leaving behind a very fine metallic powder. The only other items left behind are the helmet, which seems to act as a ‘anchor’ for the nanites, and any weaponry the Codex was carrying – except for the clone, if it had any weapons, they too are destroyed.

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