Starfinder: Chipder

Chris Van Deelen

Chipder Expert CR 1/3 XP 135

Neutral small magical beast

Init +7; Senses: darkvision 60 ft., low light vision; Perception +7


Defense                                                             HP 6

EAC: 13; KAC: 14

Fort: +2; Ref: +2; Will: +2

Immunities: Poison



Speed: 40 ft.

Melee: Bite +3 (1d4-2 P Crit poison DC +2)

Space: 2.5 ft., Reach: 2.5ft.

Offensive Abilities: Poison bite



Str -2; Dex +3; Con +1; Int -3; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Acrobatics +7, athletics +7, stealth +3, survival +3

Feats: Improved initiative

Other Abilities: Climber, insect hatred

Languages: None



Environment: Any temperate

Organization: solitary, mated pair, small family (1d6+3)


Special Abilities

Climber (Ex): The creature is capable of moving its full speed when traversing walls. It does not require an Athletics roll, unless it is trying to cross ceilings or difficult terrain.

Insect hatred (Ex): These little monsters absolutely hate insects, and whenever they encounter vermin or insect-like creatures, they go into a rage, which only ends when the Chipder or insect is dead. While under this rage, the Chipder gains +2 to hit, and +2 damage, and an additional 4 hit points. Even when reduced to zero or more hit points, the Chipder will get one last round of action before succumbing to the damage and dying.

Poison bite (Ex): The bite of the small creature injects a weak poison into the victim (DC 10). This is a Constitution-based poison, with the track Healthy-Weakened-Impaired, and ends after impaired. However, when biting vermin or insect-like creatures (such as Shirrens), the poison DC is increased to 14, and has a full track, ending in death. 1 save cures for non-vermin creatures, and 2 for vermin or insect-like creatures.


Found throughout temperate locations, these little creatures are considered to be cute, although the overall shape and the eight legs will often put one off – especially if they happen to be afraid of spiders.

They live in trees and build tiny nests, covered in both fur and soft spider-silk. Despite their tiny size, they are voracious when it comes to eating, and absolutely love insects A single creature can easily consume twice its body weight worth of food from insects in a single day.

They are small creatures, although significantly larger than the original Chipmunk stock they obvisously were derived from. The largest they grow is to three feet in diameter, and weigh no more than 10 pounds. They mate during the winter months and give birth to live young during the early spring, typically around April. The female gives birth to 1d4 pups and both the male and female care for the young for six months, at which time they are old enough to leave the nest and live on their own.

Most creatures have nothing to fear when it comes to these little creatures. They are very skittish and would rather stay high in trees, away from predators, and scold them with high-pitched squeaks and chittering. When confronted, they will always flee.

When it comes to any sort of insect, however, they are ferocious predators and for some unknown reason, they fly into a berserker rage! The bite contains a toxin, which can be mildly painful to any non-vermin or insect-like creature. However, when they bite an insect, the poison can be deadly!

An actual home-world for these creatures has never been discovered – it is widely believed that they are the result of genetic engineering and were specifically bred to be used on worlds where insects are more than just a nuisance.

When captured young, they can easily be domesticated and are often sold to farmers or those living on planets where insects are a problem. A single creature sells for 1,000 credits, while a mated pair fetch 1,500 credits. They can be sold in bulk to colonies, numbering in the hundreds or thousands, where required.

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