Starfinder: Cenobite

Chris Van Deelen

Cenobite Expert CR 8 XP 4,800

Lawful evil medium outsider (evil, devil)

Init: +4; Senses: Darkvision 60 feet; Perception: +16


Defense                                                             HP 115

EAC: 23 KAC: 25 (Hells Protection)  

Fort: +7; Ref:+7; Will: +13

Defensive Abilities: DR 10 Acid, cold Immunities: Fire, poison



Speed: 30 ft.

Melee: +17 Soul-knife (4d4+10 P) or any weapon +17 (damage +10)

Ranged: +15 any ranged weapon (damage +8)

Offensive Abilities: Call forth Chains



Str +2; Dex +4; Con +1; Int +4; Wis +1; Cha +0

Skills Bluff +16, intimidate +21, mysticism +21, sense motive +21

Other Abilities: Telepathy, summon cenobite, weapons of mortals cannot harm

Languages: Abyssal, common, infernal



Environment: Any

Organization: Small cohorts (1d4+1)


Special Abilities

Call forth Chains (Su): The Cenobites are capable of calling forth the chains of hell to attack targets. As a full round action, the Cenobite can open minuscule portals to hell anywhere in a 60 foot range. From these portals unholy chains with terrible serrated and barbed chains will issue forth.  The chains will target a single creature and attack. The creature is allowed a Will save (DC 18). If the save fails, the victim is pulled screaming into hell, where it will become a plaything of the Cenobites, possibly becoming one as well. Even if the save succeeds, the victim will suffer 4d10+8 P damage. The Cenobite can use this once per day.

Summon Cenobite (Su): As a full round action, the Cenobite can attempt to summon another 1d3 Cenobites from hell. This ability can be used once per day and has a 45% chance of succeeding.  Any Cenobites summoned this way will remain until killed, or until the summoner releases them.

Telepathy (Su): The Cenobite is able to telepathically communicate with any other cenobite as long as they are on the same plane of existence. The Cenobite does not need to speak the creature’s language, as they can still communicate freely. If the target creature does not wish the telepathic contact, it is a Will save (DC 18) to resist. This is a free action and can be used at will.

Weapons of Mortals cannot harm (Ex): The Cenobite is completely immune to any weapon used against it. Weapons which have fusions added are the exception to this rule. Spells and spell-like abilities will also inflict damage against the Cenobites, although they are still immune to certain types of attacks and have a damage reduction against others.


Soul-Knife – A ebony blade, seeming made of obsidian, but in actuality the weapon is constructed of a black metal. The weapon is approximately 12 inches in length and light-weight. The serrated edge can cause terrible bleeding wounds, and can cut through most archaic armor. Each weapon possesses the Unholy and Wounding fusions.








Soul Knife




Severe Wound


Analog, Unholy, Wounding


Hells Protection – Every suit of this armor is custom made by the Cenobite wearing it, and as such no two sets of armor look the same. They do have two traits in common… the armor is made of a black leather, which when examined more closely is the flesh of humanoids, and it is always supple and made for ease of movement. Each has been upgraded with the Haste Circuit.







Max Dex Bonus

Armor Penalty

Speed Adjustment

Upgrade Slots


Hells Protection











Puzzle Box – Known by many different names such as Lament Configuration, Lemarchand Configuration, and so forth but commonly referred to as the puzzle box. The box appears as a metallic object about 4 inches per side in size, and weighing about 1 pound. The box has intricate symbols in gold and obsidian and can be moved by twisting and manipulating it. The user can attempt to solve this box, requiring an Intelligence or Mysticism check (DC 25). Once the box has been solved, it will summon a cohort of cenobites. They will arrive within 1d6 rounds, and always within 100 feet of the victim who solved the puzzle. The Cenobites then proceed to take the person and anyone nearby back to their home dimension where they will be shown the extremes of physical sensation.

Angels to some, demons to others.

Cenobites are lost souls who, after solving an artifact left on the prime material plane by the forces of hell, find themselves trapped on a hellish plane. Here they undergo years, sometimes decades, occasionally centuries of torture until the very humanity has been stripped from the. At this point they become part of the Cenobite legion, ready at the artifact’s call to return to the prime material plane to gather more victims.

No two Cenobites look the same, but they have common features. First, they are always pale and hairless. They also have a variety of open wounds or instruments of torture hanging from their bodies. A few examples are one female who has her throat opened and held by hooks, another male has his entire head covered in nails, while another female has her scalp opened to the bone, the flesh peeled back and held in place by hooks. Also, they are always clad in black leather armor, which like the cenobites themselves is customized to suit the wearer. Legend refers to the clothing to be a twisted combination of religious garb and fetish wear, and to see it in person is to agree with those sentiments.

These creatures live for the sensation of the flesh. They use strange artifacts known as puzzle boxes as gateways to enter the prime material plane.  One would think that their appearance would be to engage in combat and take those who were unlucky enough to solve the puzzle straight back to their hellish realm, but this is not always the case.  They are more than willing to talk, but they never forget the end game goal they have in mind – to take whoever solved the puzzle box back to their hellish plane of existence.

Sometimes the ruler of hell, known by many names but often referred to as Leviathan, will deem the soul worthy to become a cenobite. Those who fail to meet the rulers demands are either dragged into the pocket dimension to spend eternity being tortured, or are simply destroyed on the spot for the pleasure of the attending cenobites.

Unlike many other denizens from the various torment planes, these creatures are not merely mindless drones. They are free-thinking individuals, who have been known to occasionally question one another and even the very ruler of the hell dimension they reside in. They consider themselves to be explorers, and are always willing to teach those who happen to unlock the secrets of the artifact sensations of the flesh few have ever known. As such, they are viewed as demons by some, angels by others.

The Cenobites are completely amoral, with their dedication to the sensations of the flesh typically taking priority over everything else – be it law, chaos, good or evil, although they strictly adhere to their own sick and twisted laws.

On the occasion, a victim who managed to solve the puzzle box is less than willing to be taken off to see pleasures like they could never imagine. When this happens, the cenobites are willing to fight – no are eager to fight. All carry a specialized knife known as a Soul-Knife and will gleefully use it in combat. They also use this knife during their ‘pleasure rituals’. They can be exceedingly deadly, as mortals who engage in combat with the creatures will quickly discover that unless the weapons they are using are magically imbued by Fusions, or they do not possess spells or spell-like abilities, it is all but impossible to harm a cenobite.  Cenobites will also pick up and use other weapons, including ranged weapons and other types of melee weapons, but prefer to use their stock and trade.

If a victim solves the puzzle box when there are others present, the Cenobites do not discriminate. They will gleefully add any present to the legions already inhabiting the hell dimension they call home.  At the same time, if a foe or group of foes end up being more than a match, they will sometimes put forth a call to other cenobites to join them.

During such engagements, the cenobites will constantly chatter, using their skills to intimidate or even to bluff foes, promising tortures which will be legendary even in hell, or pleasures so mindboggling as to drive them to the point of eternal bliss.

No matter what, if the cenobites have been summoned on purpose or by accident, they are a powerful foe who can lay waste to those not prepared for the encounter.

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