Starfinder: Autonomous Mobile Swords (AMS) Version 1.0

Chris Van Deelen

Autonomous Mobile Swords (AMS) Version 1.0 Combatant  CR  1 XP 400

Neutral medium construct (technological, unliving)

Init +4; Senses. Blindsight (heartbeat) 100 ft., Darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +5


Defense                                                             HP 20

EAC: 12; KAC: 15

Fort: +1; Ref: +1; Will: +0

Defensive Abilities: Reflective coating; Immunities: Construct and unliving immunities

Vulnerabilities: Electrical



Speed: 40 feet.

Melee: Circular blade +9 (1d8+4 S Crit bleed 1d3), or two claws +5 (1d4+4 S), or tail strike +9 (1d6+4 P Crit knockdown)

Space: 5 ft., Reach: 10 ft. (tail attack only)

Offensive Abilities: Neurotoxin-coated spines



Str +3; Dex +4; Con -; Int +0; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Athletics +5, survival +10

Other Abilities: Self repair and replication

Languages: Lexicon



Environment: Any

Organization: Medium hunting packs (2d6), large hunting packs (4d10), or Swarms (10d20)


Special Abilities

Electrical Vulnerability (Ex): They are vulnerable when it comes to electrical attacks, taking an additional +1 damage per dice. When the construct faces electrical damage, it must make a Fort save (DC 10 + half the damage inflicted) or become staggered for 1 round.

Lexicon (Su):  The AMS’s CPU contains a lexicon of all known languages, and can easily understand anything said around it, although it cannot speak.

Neurotoxin-Coated Spines (Ex):  Any target struck by the tail will automatically be injected with a neurotoxin. The toxin will be in effect for 2d4 rounds and each round the victim is allowed a Fort save (DC 12). If the save succeeds, then the victim will not suffer the effects of the toxin that round. However, if the save fails, the victim suffers 1d3 points of damage as well as the loss of 1d3 points of Dexterity.  Once two successful saves are made in a row, the victim will have purged the effects from its body.

Reflective Coating (Ex): The metallic ‘skin’ of the screamer is able to absorb or redirect incoming laser-based attacks. Any laser-based attack has a 20% chance of being redirected in a random direction. Otherwise it gains a DR 3 against laser-based weapons only.

Self-Repair and Replication (Ex): As a full round action, the construct can initiate nanites in its form to being emergency repairs. The AMS will automatically heal to its full HP total. The AMS has to have at least one hit point remaining to initiate this ability, as once it reaches zero, it has been destroyed. This can be used once per day. It can also spend 24 hours, using these same nanites, to build a new unit. The AMS needs raw materials (which in most urban environments are readily available). This takes 24 hours, but after the new AMS has been constructed, it is fully functional and can begin constructing new units on its own. The number of AMS units can grow exponentially!

Created to be used in combat, the Autonomous Mobile Swords (AMS) are self-replicating, artificially intelligent robots which can be turned loose and provided with specific parameters. This will cover the type of target they are to destroy, and the mission area they are to work in.

The construct looks like a metallic scorpion with a pair of clawed forelimbs and a long tail. The underside of the tail is covered by sharp spines, each coated with a neurotoxin, which can kill quite quickly. Where the mouth would be is a large circular blade, which is the constructs primary mode of attack. The ‘eyes’ are in fact infra-red cameras, and the constructs are capable of homing in on hidden targets by using the heartbeat. Hiding does not often work when it comes to these deadly robots.

These robotic units were nicknamed "screamers" due to a piercingly high-pitched noise produced when they engaged in combat, and other than the neurotoxin produced by the spines on the tail; this is the deadliest weapon in the constructs arsenal. It can use the blade to cut through nearly any barrier and is particularly effective against almost any type of armor. The tail has the advantage that it is able to ‘stretch’ when it is used to attack, taking opponents by surprise when they believe that they are out of the range of this weapon.

Although the constructs are relatively light-weight (typical specimen is no more than 75 pounds), the armor is exceedingly tough, and has a reflective quality, which can protect it from laser-based weapons.

AMS units hunt in packs, always targeting living organisms first, which appears to be their prime directive, although as stated, they can be programmed with specific targets to engage. They are also intelligent, and as such can plan, set up ambushes, and know when to wait, attack and retreat. They are not simply mindless drones, incapable of doing anything except follow pre-determined orders.

This is what makes the constructs so dangerous.

When they are damaged in combat, if the construct has the opportunity, it will retreat and begin self-repairs. Those who engage the constructs may think that they have the robots on the run, but in reality they are retreating long enough to deal with the damage inflicted and will suddenly appear out of nowhere, ready to continue the fight. This has been the downfall of many an opponent which has underestimated them. If one is damaged, the best thing an opponent can do is continue to pump damage into the construct until it is destroyed.

The constructs are also fully capable of building new units. Given enough raw material and time, they are able to replenish their losses. All the constructs are automatically programmed to limit the number of units they are able to replicate, but on the rare occasion this built-in safeguard is disabled, and entire swarms can be created in a matter of days.

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