Starfinder: Asari

Chris Van Deelen


Racial Traits

Ability Adjustments: -2 str, +2 wis, +2 cha

Hit Points: 6

Size and Type: Medium humanoid with the Asari subtype

Charming: All Asari gain a +2 racial bonus to bluff, diplomacy and intimidate.

Darkvision: The Asari have darkvision 60 ft.

Meld: Although it can be used for reproduction, an Asari can initiate a meld with any sentient being in order to transfer information. This acts as the mystic spell mind link and can be used at will.

Psionic: Asari gain the minor psychic feat.

Spiritual: Asari cast mystic spells as if they were two levels higher.

Technically adept: Thanks to the tinkering of the Prothean, Asari are more adept and accepting of technology. As a result, the Asari gain a +2 competence bonus to one of any technical-based skill such as computers, engineering, physical science or profession.

Originating from the planet Thessia, Asari are a single gender race. They are extremely long-lived and are one of the oldest sentient species in the Galaxy.



Brief History

Essentially the Asari were ‘uplifted’ by the Protheans, being genetically engineered and molded to be more psionically active than other species. The Protheans created a ‘goddess’ for the Asari to worship and follow, known as Athame. Even to the modern era, she is still worshipped by many Asari.

Over 30,000 years ago, the Asari had things like automobiles and aircraft, as well as many technological advances that were not common to human civilization until the early 20th century. Sadly, few artifacts remain from this era, even in Asari museums.

Asari were the first race to achieve space-flight and soon encountered other races, starting with the Salarians. They set up the first galactic government and in the intervening years would welcome many other races into their society.

During the reaper war, the Asari were at first hesitant to join in the fight, but after the Reapers tore through their defenses, they had no choice but to join the battles. Asari forces fought alongside Earth and other races during the final confrontation on Earth.


Asari are a distinctly feminine race, with no male gender. They are typically blue in hue although there have been skin coloration that tends to teal. The coloration tends to grow darker the older the Asari. The race has strange semi-flexible, cartilage-based crests in place of hair. They are not quite as strong as other humanoid races, but they make up for it in sheer presence and wisdom.

Like Krogan, the Asari are an extremely long-lived race, some matriarchs being well over a thousand years old. Unlike the Krogan, there are a lot more elder Asari, as they are not quite as violent as the other race.

Like most humanoids, Asari possess breasts and a small navel. Their blood is purple in coloration.

They are fully capable of sexual intercourse with any properly equipped male of any species, although they do not need males to reproduce, as they possess a form of parthenogenesis.  Reproduction is quite intimate and is known as ‘melding’ through physical contact, the Asari consciously joins her nervous system to her mate’s.  Electrical impulses are transferred between the two mates, sharing memories, thoughts and feelings. It is often described as being far more intimate than mere sex. The Asari uses this information to imprint desirable traits into the offspring the melding invariably produces.

All offspring produced are fully Asari and female. There are Asari who have Krogan and other races as part of their parentage.

Over the millenniums, they have discovered that they actually require other species in order to reproduce the next generation of Asari. A rare genetic defect has sprung up among Asari who only take other Asari as mates. These are known as pure-bloods and the defect is known as Ardat-Yakshi. This defect causes an Asari to overload and kill her mate’s nervous system when they meld, always leading to the death of their partner.

Melding can also take place to transfer information, without the need for reproduction. 


In many ways, the Asari are like the Elves. Thanks to their long life-spans, they tend to be overly patient, and take the long view when dealing with problems. As such they are comfortable with observing and studying a problem, often for decades, before acting.

Instead of being war-like (such as the Krogan), Asari believe in influencing the galaxy through cultural domination and intellectual superiority. They will often invite new species of advanced technological development to join the galactic community, knowing that their own culture will end up influencing the species’ own culture, making them more ‘acceptable’ to the other members of the galactic community.

As a species, the Asari believe in general communal consensus attitudes, such as sharing living spaces with members of other races, instead of acting secular like many races and cultures tend towards.

Since many species find Asari to be physically attractive, they are quite open in exploring their own sexuality – as can be seen with how many indulge in becoming ‘exotic’ dancers during their maiden years.

They can use this as an advantage, since many species tend to only see the ‘female’ aspect, and are often taken by surprise by their wisdom, and intelligence and often underestimate their technological and military superiority.

Asari possess three life-cycle stages. The first is the Maiden, which takes place when the Asari hits puberty. At this stage in their life, they are quite curious and often restless, wanting to see the universe and experience as much as they possibly can.

The next stage is known as the Matron. This typically happens in in the mid-300’s of the Asari’s life-span. This is when they will often settle down with a ‘partner’ and undergo melding as a means to reproduce offspring.

Once an Asari is over 700 years in age, this is when they enter the Matriarch phase of their lives. It is exceedingly rare for Asari of this age to meld for the purpose of reproduction, and they become more active in Asari communities, acting as sages, advisors and leaders, and in many cases diplomats to other races.

Of course this does not mean every Asari follows these, as is the case with any member of any race. There are always deviations from what is perceived as normal behaviour, and it is neither encouraged, nor is it frowned upon.

Because of their natural attractiveness and sensuality, and their ability to take mates from any species, they are often viewed as being promiscuous. This is not the case. Due to their long lives, they spend as much time as they can with a mate of a shorter-lived race, cherishing the time with them. Often an Asari mother ends up raising her daughter without the ‘father’ as they have long since passed on.  Cherish the time they have, and they know that a part of their mate will remain with them and their offspring forever.


The Asari possess the largest fleet in the known galaxy, and their ships are extremely powerful. Their ground forces are not as large, and instead of dealing with large armies, tend to smaller squads. Asari typically do not use heavy armor or carry heavy weapons, but many tend to take the Operative class, preferring to work alone or in small groups.

Despite the size of their fleet, the vast majority of their ships are frigates and fighters, and they prefer to use ‘swarm’ tactics when battling other races, rather than go toe to toe with large capital ships. It does not mean that they do not possess such ships, it only means that they are quite rare to encounter.

Many of the weapons created by the Asari are designed to strip away shields far more effectively than other species weapons, allowing the other weaponry used by the Asari to rip through the armor to inflict ship-killing damage.

Some of their hand-held weapons likewise follow this line of thought.

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