Starfinder: Allosaurus - Augmented

Chris Van Deelen

Allosaurus, augmented Combatant CR 10 XP 9,600

Neutral huge animal (technological)

Init +0; Senses: Darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +19


Defense                                                             HP 165

EAC: 23; KAC: 25

Fort: +14; Ref: +14; Will: +9

Defensive Abilities: Electrified skin; Immunities: Electricity



Speed: 50 ft.

Melee: Bite +22 (2d10+20 P Crit swallow whole), or two claws +18 (4d4+20 S) or stomp +22 (2d12+20 B Crit knockdown), or tail slap +22 (3d6+20 Crit knockdown)

Ranged: Electrical ball +22 (3d12+10 E Crit burst 30 ft. radius)

Space: 15 ft., Reach: 15 ft.

Offensive Abilities: Trample 2d12+20


Str +10; Dex +0; Con +6; Int -3; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Athletics +24, intimidate +19

Languages: None



Environment: Any warm

Organization: Solitary or small squad (1d3+1)


Special Abilities

Electrical Ball (Ex): The Allosaurus has been augmented with a electrical ball breath. Once every second round, it can make a ranged attack at any target up to 200 feet away and fire a 2 foot wide ball of pure electrical energy. Typically this ball hits only one target, but in the case of a critical hit, the ball will expand to encompass anyone within 30 feet of the initial target, inflicting 3d10+10 damage to all in the area, but double damage to the initial target.

Electrified Skin (Ex): The Allosaurus’s flesh has been altered with a mesh of wires, which transmit a constant flow of electricity through its body. As a result, anyone touching the creature must immediately make a Fort save (DC 17) or suffer 3d6 electrical damage and is stunned for 1 round. A successful save reduces the damage by half and there is no stun effect. This does not stack with the creature’s normal attacks, except its tail and stomp.

Swallow whole (Ex): The creature is able to potentially swallow whole any creature it bites which is at least one category size smaller. See page 156-157 of the Alien Archive for more information.

Trample (Ex): As a full-round action, the creature can move up to twice its speed and literally run over any opponents at least one size category smaller than itself. The creature  merely has to move over the opponents in its path. The creature does not need to make an attack roll; each creature whose space it moves through takes damage. A target of a trample can make a REF save (DC 17) for half damage. If it attempts the save, it can’t make an attack of opportunity against the trampling Dino due to the creature’s movement. The Augmented dino can deal trample damage to a given target only once per round.


The Tyrannosaurus Rex might be the front-line augmented dinosaur created by the Vesk, but they knew that the smaller and somewhat faster Allosaurus would have its place.

These creatures are a lot smaller than the T-rex, even smaller than many of the other front-line dinosaurs used by the Vesk. On average the Allosaurus is only about 15-20 feet in height, and weigh around 7,000 pounds. Their skin is not the typical shade of green of the species, but instead has taken on a electric-blue tint, thanks to the augmentation they have received.

Although not as heavily armed or armored like the T-Rex, this creature still has found its niche. Due to the Vesk implanting a powerful electrical generator in the beast’s chest and coating the creature’s flesh with a fine mesh of conductive wires, the beast can be sent in against hoards of ground troops, where it can thrash and stomp to its tiny heart’s content. In fact, it does not mind in the least if other creatures attempt to slash or bite at it with their natural weapons. Most of the time those who do and survive the experience learn better than to attempt such a foolish act in the future.

As is the case with many of the augmented dinosaurs used by the Vesk, these creatures are typically controlled by a handler, who can stimulate certain areas of their brains, getting them to move in a specific direction, or home in on a single target or a group of targets, which appear as more desirable meals for the beast. Oddly enough, these beasts seem to work well with Velociraptors and are often sent in as the ‘heavy-hitters’ when Velociraptors are employed on the battlefield. Both creatures know better than to touch one another, and they seem to work together, often following the lead of the Raptors, making them quite effective in combat. Let’s be honest – quite terrifying when working in conjunction with one another!

Most of the time however, as is the case with the T-rex, the handlers just point these monsters in the general direction of the target they want to have destroyed and let them loose.

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