Spore Beast

Chris Van Deelen

of their constitution score, they will develop a telepathic link to the Spore Spreader, and the spreader will urge them to come back to the plant. They will not be harmed when this happens and if there are any others of their own kind with the Spreader, the beasts will feed and care for the victim, making them comfortable until they finally die.

After the victim succumbs to the infection, the body will then begin to transform over 1d4 days, the flesh being replaced by the moss like growth, the bones becoming actual wood instead of bone, but having the same density and strength, and the spines will jut from the back of the victim.

Once it rises as a Spore Beast, the victim is irrevocably gone. The mind of the victim is replaced by the simple instincts of the plant and it is then nothing more than a physical extension of the Spore Spreader.

These mutants can still eat and drink and need to do so in order to survive and maintain their new forms. The difference is that they require carrion in order to survive, and will often take small parts of the rotting corpses that feed the Spore Spreaders.

Because of the Telepathic link with the plants, they show uncanny tactics and will often use this to their advantage, acting like a pack to take down any possible food sources or threats to the parent plant.

Mutations: Aberrant form (plant chimera), chameleon epidermis (special), dietary requirement change (carrion)(d), natural weapon (plant), neural telepathy, toxic weapon.

Source: Fallout New Vegas (2010)