Slime Slug

Chris Van Deelen

creatures from their body. The victim will suffer 1d3 damage per insect that hatched. After the insects have been purged, the victim will have to make a saving throw versus death. If the saving throw fails, the victim dies due to the massive internal damage caused by the mutated insects.

Once the insects have been dealt with and if the victim survives the experience, then the victim will regain any lost Constitution at the victim’s natural healing rate per day until they are back to their original score.

After the young mutants have finished their meal (if the victim does not have any means to purge them from its body and it ends up perishing from the creatures), they will quickly scurry into the underbrush and try to find their way into the underground as quickly as possible. It takes another 1d4 days for their chameleon epidermis and control light waves to become active and they are very vulnerable during this time.

The slime that the creatures excrete from their bodies is made of the same toxic poison as their bite. Anyone coming into contact with the slime and end up touching it with unprotected skin must save versus the class 9 poison or be knocked unconscious. During this time the mutants will bite and inject the eggs into the body of the victim.

Even the slime trail left by the mutant is dangerous as it will remain toxic for 4d6 hours before finally drying up. Often the mutant will lay in wait for anyone or anything that happens to cross the creatures trail and succumbs to the toxin.

Mutations: Chameleon epidermis, control light waves, dermal poison slime.

Source: Metro 2033