Runequestification - His Majesty, the Sea Serpent!

Clint Staples

A few weeks back I wrote up His Majesty, the Sea Serpent, from the pages of The Mythos Society Guide to New England for the Call of Cthulhu RPG 6th edition. Since it is pretty straightforward, I thought I would save you a little heavy lifting - and make my players in my River of Cradles Runequest Campaign nervous - by converting him to Runequest.

So here you go.

His Majesty is the name of a Greater Sea Wyrm that is known to live in a complex of sea caves off the coast of the Rozgali Sea, near the delta of the River of Cradles. Generally, HIs Majesty is not terribly aggressive, and is more than willing to accept tribute in the firm of riches and meat, so long as it is plentiful and frequent. Several of the local fisher clans have worshiped the Wyrm for centuries, but with the coming of the Lunars to the southern seas, this longstanding relationship is in turmoil. Thus His Majesty has been seen more often and in more combative circumstances over the last few years, razing the fishing villages of Ammot and Tull, and sinking a number of ships, including at least one Lunar trireme. The Lunar response has been immediate, with an increase in warships hunting His Majesty, and might also involve a secret magical project currently underway at Corflu.

The Sea Caves that His Majesty calls home are likely somewhere in the Storm Isles, south of Sartar, themselves an extension of the Stormwalk Mountains that separate Sartar and Prax. The riches, and curses, of a thousand ships are said to be held within the submarine grottos of the Sea Caves.

STR     85

CON    60

SIZ       80

INT      20

POW   30

DEX     12

CHA    15

Combat Actions      4

HP       85


Melee [d20]

Ranged [d20]


Hit Points
















Move:  6 / 14 Swimming

Damage Bonus: +3d12         

Weapons: His Majesty may bite each round, unless it is attempting to initiate a Grapple. Ongoing Grapple checks do not prevent His Majesty from biting.

Bite – 130%, 2d8+ Damage Bonus, If a target is bitten and survives, His Majesty will attempt a STR vs. STR or DEX roll to pull the unfortunate victim into its coils to Grapple, and  ‘Crush’.

Crush – His Majesty can automatically Crush each round that it maintains a grapple on an individual. It can also automatically Grapple any object, including boats with Structure Points up to ½ its SIZ.  [I am using the Seafaring rules from Magic World RPG - Chaosium]. A ship that is ‘Crushed’ sustains half of the rolled damage bonus each round. When all of the ship’s Hit Points are gone it breaks up and begins to sink.

Attack Ship - His Majesty can attack the ship with its bite, subtracting its Hull Quality as armour points, and its Structurre Points as HIt Points.

Swallow Whole – On a special or critical hit a target that is size 20 or smaller may be swallowed whole, in which case it takes half of the Damage bonus each round until it escapes, which it may attempt but cutting its way free at half of its normal attack chance. If it can deliver a total of 20 points of damage, overcoming armour 12 on each attack, it can cut its way free. Any damage done in the attempt is removed from HIs Majesty's Body location and total Hit Points as normal.  Generally, His Majesty prefers only to eat things that are dead, but sometimes gets carried away in the moment.

Skils: Swim 90, Listen 80, Spot 70, Speak Aquan 100, Speak Sartarite 50,  Lurk Underwater 75;

Spells: Becalm Sea 90% – His Majesty is often viewed in fine weather with calm seas because it can becalm troubled or stormy waters with ease in an area of a few miles in radius. When hunting, it uses this ability for more sinister purpose, lulling mariners into a false sense of ease before it attacks. Occasionally, His Majesty will use Becalm to halt a storm after it has sufficiently wearied the crew. When they relax, and many are asleep, it can dine at its leisure.