Runequestification of Glitter Blast!

Clint Staples

Will Thrasher's Nuisance Spells are a terrific source of inspiration for wacky, useful and sometimes downright deadly inventions for Pathfinder and 3.x D&D. I have converted a number to Runequest over the last several months, and here is another. This one is not directly deadly, but a suitably cunning caster could make a lot of use of it. And of course most Eurmali tricksters tend to be pretty quick on the uptake.


GLITTER BLAST      [Cult of Eurmal]      Magnitude 2     
Cost to Learn 
1000 Lunars
Casting Time
1 Action
None, area a 15 foot square zone, with one corner of it originating from the Caster.
Up to 10 Rounds


You breathe forth a cone of shining glitter in the color of your choice. The caster should make a percentile roll, comparing his POW against those of any creatures in the area. Those overcome are blinded. A creature blinded by this spell can take 1d4 actions to clear their eyes. Everything in the cone is coated with glitter, taking a -20% penalty on Stealth skill checks until the glitter wears off. The cloud remains in place for up to 10 rounds. Anyone entering the area is subject to the initial POW attack to be affected by the blinding.

Note: Invisible creatures, spirits that stirr the air [like air elementals or Whirlvishes] that are caught in the cone of glitter lose the advantages of invisibility as their outline is detailed in glitter. Truly incorporeal creatures are immune to this. It is also possible to detect air currents or similar disturbances.


There are rumors of sorcerers who employ a sorcery version of this spell as part of an Augury.