Runequest Thursday Sorcery Teaser - ON WEDNESDAY! Hammerhand Spell

Clint Staples
Because I can't wait until tomorrow to release more Runequest Thursday material, here is a teaser spell from the Sorcery system I developed for my Runequest River of Cradles campaign. If you want the rules for that, which you will likely need to understand how sorcerers can manipulate their spells, check d-Infinity for parts one and two, and again tomorrow for part three. The spell below is bonus material that will not appear tomorrow, so if you like it, scoop it up now.   The art is 'FEZ Sorcerer Design' by Hieronymus7Z. You can find his fine art here. This image is also the inspiration for the spell. The sorcerer player in my group will porbably like this too, because that image is pretty much Wyrmhere.     Hammerhand [Earth]           Range – Self             POW Check – No Cost to Learn – 500L Magnitude - Variable Time to Cast - 1 Action Duration – 1 Melee Round You transform one of your hands into a powerful weapon imbued with Earth magic. Your normal damage for such an attack becomes 1d8+1[plus any damage bonus you gain from high STR and SIZ], with 1d6 of Knockback and granting access to the Sunder and Stun special Maneuvers. Additional levels of this spell increase your damage by +1, and do +1D6 of Knockback to your target. Knockback does no damage, but the target must resist the rolled Knockback with their SIZ as a free action or be pushed back 1 Yard per point of difference between your Knockback and their SIZ, If the Knockback is equal to, or lower than the target’s SIZ, they fall down in place. Your Hammerhand takes no damage from whatever it strikes. However, if you parry with the Hammerhand, or are struck on that limb, you suffer damage normally. You may use additional levels of this spell to extend the duration on the Duration Track. While you have Hammerhand cast, you cannot cast spells with any other elemental Runic associations.   Example Sivastri, with Hammerhand 4, could spend the first three levels of her spell on enhancing her damage and Knockback, for 1d8+3 damage and 3d6 Knockback, and her fourth level to extend the spell to 10 Melee Rounds. She hopes she will not need to cast Fire/ Frost in that time, because she would need to dismiss Hammerhand to do so.