Runequest Thursday Bonus - Sorcery Specialty Spell for Enchanters - De-Construct!

Clint Staples

I find Will Thrasher's art and posts very inspirational. By which, I don't mean that they make me want to go out and be a better person (OK they do, but that is not what I am on about right now). I mean they inspire me to write new game stuff!

His recent series of hybrid critters (which came out of a bit of descriptive text I threw into Oddities for a Wizard's Tower, and which you should go get while it is bundled with ALL FOUR OF THE OTHER ODDITIES TITLES into a pentacular wonder of the modern digitial age) has inspired me to suggest we collaborate on an adventure for multiple fantasy platforms - The Transmogrifier of the Titan Peaks (look for it in the coming months from Skirmisher Publishing for 5th edition D&D, Pathfinder, and BASH Fantasy!)

Today, Will wrote a spell for pathfinder/ 3rd/3.5 Dungeons & Dragons, that I liked a lot - Breakable Construct.

So, with his permission, I have run it through the Runequestifier as a specialty spell for enchanters - a particular type of Master Sorcerer. You can also check out Master Sorcerers which are written for A New Sorcery, my sorcery system that works for most versions of Runequest.

Here is my version of Breakable Construct:


De-Construct [Enchanter Specialty Spell, Rune: Earth, Stasis, Mobility]      Variable
Range POW in Yards        Duration - Instant        POW Check - Yes (see text)

This spell, available only to Enchanters (a specialty for Mastering Sorcery) destroys the integrity of a construct or constructed item (whether it is an item created by artifice, or a magical construct). The enchanter must target the item or construct by succeeding on an Enchantment check, and overcoming the POW of the target (or the controller in the case of an animated item that has not POW of its own). If successful, each rank of De-Construct does 1d8 damage to the Armor Points in each location or to the total Hit Points of the target (caster’s choice). If unsuccessful, the damage is 1d4 per rank, and reduces the Armor Points.
    Note: This spell can be used to destroy worn armor or weapons, but must overcome the wearer’s POW as well as any magical protection to take effect.


Art for this post: by the incredibly talented Faroldjo.