Runequest Thursday #89 - Clanking Ruin - Sea-Troll Salvage and Pets!

Clint Staples

As promised, though delayed - because I forgot that I had promised it, here is the content that I hinted at in Runequest Thursday #85.

Art is by the incredible Razwit.

Jaegrim and Nolgrim are two smarter than average sea troll brothers who have gathered a small band of their kin to scavenge and terrorize the waters of the bay that allows access to the Clanking Ruin. In their wanderings in the bay, largely in search of prey, they do actually salvage objects from the time of the Machine City, or simply relieve their prey of whatever items will no longer be of use to them, which they store against future need in the underside of an ancient submerged dome in the western portion of the bay.

The brothers are willing to trade what they have gathered for what they want, which changes from day to day, but often depends on their appetites. Thus bargains can be had, as Jaegrim and Nolgrim have been known to trade valuable artifacts for a well-dressed tuna from the deeper waters beyond the Bay. But the brothers' notion of barter is rudementary, and they have been know to fall back to the most simple, and aggressive means of "bargaining" at their disposal. Traders who seek the Salvageers out would be wise to appear in force, and to demonstrate their willingness to fight.

Nolgrim has managed to impress the troll goddess of insectoids, Gorakiki, such that he has been graced with the companionship of two huge and terrifying -sea-spiders, lured from their normal hunting grounds in the calm westernmost waters of the Bay. These terrors have been both a boon and a bane to the Salvageers, since they have increased the band's ability to "bargain" effectively, but have also kept the number of new troll recruits in check - by scaring off prospective members, and by culling the slower ones. But Nolgrim loves them the way a Pavis dowager loves a kitten and considers them more valuable than many such weaklings.