Runequest Thursday #88 - The Forged of the Clanking City!

Clint Staples

Since it is taking a while to get back to my ongoing Brightwater campaign, I have had ample time to prepare for my player characters' arrival there. This is something they are likely to regret. Case in point - The Forged!

Art for this post is by the incredible Matt Gretton!

Forged are the result of the descendants of the original inhabitants of the Machine City, attempting to perfect themselves according to the plan of the Machine God. The message, and the method, of the Machine God, has gotten garbled, and debased, over the intervening centuries, such that the Forged barely remember their origins, and have only vague notions of their God. Now, they scavenge the Clanking Ruin for scraps to affix to themselves, and for blood to sustain themselves and their Insane Manuforge – the Blood God.

For all their savagery and potential for carnage, Forged will often attempt to take foes prisoner, so that they can, in turn be given to the Blood God. At that time, in an orgy of bloodletting, the Forged feast on what the Blood Gods leaves them. In truth, the Manuforge has not actual use for the sacrificed blood, though it does appreciate the effort, and appears to have come to believe that bathing in the blood of the Impure is good. 

The attachment has stats for a small foraging part of four individuals. Larger groups assemble when prey is abundant, or when threatened. These might be led by one bigger, older and far more deadly than the norm. If the Heroes of Brightwater give me enough time, I might write one up!