Runequest Thursday #77 - New Magical Feat of Arms - Spell Priming!

Clint Staples

So here is a Feat of Arms for the magical set - good for sorcerers, shaman, even priests.

Spell Priming – POW 15, Magical Skill at 60%

Cost: 5 Hero Points, and you must train with a tutor who has the feat for 1d4+2 weeks, paying what they demand.

You have mastered the trick of readying a spell in advance of when you need it, so that it can be cast quickly when you do. Priming a spell takes  two minutes, and can involve any non-attack spell with yourself as the target. Pay 1 POW to “Prime” the spell, readying it for activation at a later time. At that time you pay the Full POW of the spell (meaning that the total POW you pay for the spell is the level +1), and it is cast as your move action for the turn. You are then free to use your attack action normally, to attack, move, even cast another spell.

You can only have a single spell Primed at a time. It remains Primed for a maximum of 10 Minutes per point of INT you possess, until it is cast, or until you drop the spell. You cannot cast another spell while a spell is primed, so you must either drop the primed spell or activate it before you cast another spell.