Runequest Thursday #59 - Four New Feats of Arms!

Clint Staples

Here are four feats of arms that each suit a different sort of character. The first is aimed at shaman, but could potentially find use by a spirit cultist or ancestor worshipper. The second is for the bards, skalds, and troubadours of Glorantha - at least the ones of a warlike mind. Thirdly, we have one for those who prefer to choose the time and place that they fight. The final one is for those who like to wear what they kill.


Spirit Caller: Prerequisites – POW 17, Spirit Walking 70%

Cost: 5 Hero Points, and you must go on a spirit quest to gain the necessary contacts in the spirit world [Abstracted as 1d4 days, after which you must succeed at a POWx2 check].

You can call a nearby spirit instantly if it is bound to you or in the vicinity. If it is bound to you, you can loose it without an action or a Spirit Binding check, merely paying the 1 POW to do so. If it not bound to you, but nearby, it will come to you immediately if near enough to hear. You can name a particular spirit if you know one, or simply the nearest of a particular type.

Note: Spirit caller does not modify the spirit’s reaction to the caller, merely summoning it to attend. The caller may need to bind it, or bargain with it, to engage it for a task. In addition, unless the spirit attacks, or the caller can see into the spirit world, it will remain unseen.


War-Singer: Prerequisites – CHA 15, Play Instrument, Singing, Oratory or Poetry at 60%, 1 weapon Skill at 60%

Cost: 5 Hero Points, and you must study with A war-Singer for 1d4 Weeks, paying what he asks

You are able to focus your entertainment skills to encourage others in battle. On a successful roll on your entertainment skill, you may give one of your own Hero Points to another who can hear your song or speech. This point must be spent within a number of rounds equal to 1 per 2 CHA you possess. You can also, on a successful entertainment roll, allow a listener to ignore the effects of a major wound for a single round.


Obfuscation: Prerequisites – DEX 15, Hide and Move Quietly at 60%.

Cost: 5 Hero Points and 1d4 weeks of instruction, in which you must aid someone with the feat in a mission of their choosing.

You are able to use your current Action to disengage from combat by making a successful Hide or Move silently check depending on the situation. Successful disengagement means that opponents do not get a parting shot, and that you can move normally. If you move into engagement with someone a new target or one of those you just obfuscated away from] you become engaged immediately. If you have Combat Actions left for the turn, you can use one immediately to attack.

Note: If you are not normally allowed to make a stealth check in the situation, this feat does not allow you to do so. However, many who fight this way carry smoke or dust pellets, or learn illusory spells to broaden the situations in which this talent is able to be employed.


Battle Trophy: Prerequisites: POW 13, CHA 13, Weapon Attack 70%. A a trophy suitable for wearing. [if you are using the Renown system, having 12 or more renown can substitute for the CHA minimum].

Cost: 5 Hero Points, and you must be wearing or displaying the trophy to benefit from this feat.

When you are wearing this trophy, once per encounter you may spend a Hero Point to modify the damage of a wound you deal OR suffer by 1d6. You must state your intention to do so, before you know the rolled damage, but may wait to find out whether the roll was a success, a special, or a critical success.

Note: If you are not legitimately entitled to the trophy, and your 'fraud' is discovered, you lose the feat, and it must be acquired again. If you lose the trophy, you cannot use the feat until you have recovered it or replaced it with a more impressive one.