Runequest Thursday #56 - Tana-Sar, Crimson Dancer of the Rising Moon

Clint Staples

A couple of weeks back I posted a personality for the Brightwater campaign, an Agamori by the name of Nakura Leg-taker. I thought I would post another, but on the 'other side' of the conquest of Prax and the River of Cradles by the Lunars. So here is Tana-Sar, a loyal servant of the Red Goddess who has begun to question her faith.

Tana-Sar is a young but very adept Crimson Dancer of the Rising Moon. She has done much to advance the cause of the Lunar Empire, fighting in first in the Redlands and Elder Wilds, then Tarsh, then the Grazelands and Sartar. She now travels to the River of Cradles, following the direction of the Rising Moon. But where once she followed blindly, of late she questions her calling, if not her prodigious skills. She has seen much that has shaken her faith in the destiny of the Red Goddess, so much resistance to the Way, so much death and slaughter. Too, Chaos is much easier to embrace as part of the concept of celestial balance than when personified by a broo, dragonsnail, walktapus or gorp – all of which she has seen since leaving Carmania – some in the service of the Empire she loves. So part of what she hopes to accomplish in her faring, is to restore her faith, or at least to determine whether any yet remains. She fears little on Glorantha, but is afraid for her soul should she choose unwisely.

Tana-Sar is an accomplished war-dancer and has that Feat of Arms and a couple of others, including Rugged. She is very lightly encumbered, extremely fast, and makes war and dance at one and the same time. She has personally been blessed by Jar-Eel the Razoress, the Great hero of the Empire and daughter to the Red Goddess herself. She is a frightening as she is skilled and her beauty and grace have undone many an opponent. But she has not yet reached Rune Level in the Cult of the Rising Moon. If she is to do so, she must face her doubts and fears as to the rightness of the Red Moon's Destiny.

Attached you will find her datasheet. Inspiration for this character came from the incredibly talented Tazio Bettin.