Runequest Thursday #55 - The Cult of the Blue Moon!

Clint Staples

In the last episode of the Brightwater Saga, our heroes traveled through a secret Moon Gate to, and across the surface of the Blue Moon, were set upon by giant bats, nearly succumbed to a vampiric moon spirit, avoided a fight with a powerful band of trolls, and finally encountered the goddess of the Blue Moon, Annihila herself, who was not in great shape.

After conferring with the desperate goddess, who possessed one of the party for the purpose, the possessee agreed to serve as the vessel to carry the goddess back to Glorantha, where she could appear before her father and mother, the god Magasta and the goddess Glorantha, and sue for a place within the Court of the Gods once more. In the process, the possessee, Sayid, and Annihila came to another agreement, whereby Sayid would become the Acolyte and eventual priestess of the Blue Moon.

So we needed a Cult of the Blue Moon.

Well, if you follow these posts, you know that there is a Cabal of the Blue Moon for sorcerers, along with a number of special spells sacred to the goddess, and available to sorcerers who server her ends. I actually have not written the Cabal of the Blue Moon yet, But here is the cult, and some on how it interacts with the Cabal.

I anticipate the Cult and its soon-ish-to-be-priestess, to take a significant role in the game going forward. Annihila as I envision her, as opposed to the Annila of Gloranthan canon, is a goddess on the way back from oblivion, with a desire for vengeance against the Red Goddess who bound her. This makes her a natural fit for the Brightwaters even though they are funded by the Lightbringers in Pavis.