Runequest Thursday #50 - 1d6 Treasures for the River of Cradles!

Clint Staples

This is a short list of some possible treasures for my Brightwater campaign. Hey, I like to write stuff like this up, and maybe a PC finds one once in while. No promises, but it could happen.

There is no real reason why these are necessarily local to the River of Cradles. One is Praxian in origin, and another refers to the Empire of the Wyrms' Friends, which would suggest they come from central Genertela. But they could be found elsewhere, or their origins altered to suit your needs.


Treasures for the Finding – River of Cradles Region : roll 1d6


  1. Scorpionid Falx - A long curving bladed weapon, shaped like a long thin claw with a razor-sharp blade in the inner edge of the curve. Composed of amber-colored chitin, and over four feet in length, it must be used with both hands. It requires STR 11, DEX 13 to wield effectively, and although non-magical, is extremely keen and moves very quickly for its size, adding +1 to the initiative while being wielded, does 1d10+3 damage, and has 6 Armor Points and 8 Hit Points.
  2. A leather strand with several weathered beads and crude charms as well as a Death rune inscribed on a disk of bone [the rune is magic – confers a single use of the spell ‘Fanaticism’ on the wearer when invoked].
  3. Griffon Flight Feathers – Two splendid matching golden wing-feathers, each nearly two feet in length. If held in hand, or bound to one’s forearms, they will allow the one so equipped to fly as though levitating, at a speed of 10 yards per turn for 10 Rounds. Alternatively, they can be used to ‘fletch’ a javelin, spear or very large arrow, which will gain +30% to hit in ranged combat thereafter. Each time the feathers are used, in either way, there is a cumulative 10% chance that they will not function thereafter. It is also likely that griffons encountered will be unfriendly unless they can be convinced that the feathers were acquired in a way that did no griffon harm.
  4. Cursed Beast Tail – This is the severed, rather desiccated tail of a herd beast of Prax [determine which herd beast species however you wish]. It should have been buried in the earth during the ritual of the ‘Peaceful Cut’ when the beast it was part of was killed, thereby returning the spirit of the animal to Mother Earth. This Beast Tail contains the bound spirit of the animal, driven mad in its metaphysical isolation. It will attack any sentient creature that touches it with a strange sort of possession [POW 15, spectral combat 60%, Spectral Damage 1d10]. If it succeeds in driving the POW of its target to zero, it will possess, the only outward effect of which will be to keep the possessed from riding any animal.
  5. Stone Shard – This flake of gray, multihued flint is a shard from a circle of standing stones that might be an artifact of the Empire of the Wyrms’ Friends, or an even older culture, or perhaps associated with an ancient cabal of dark sorcery or necromancy. The wearer can use it to instantly teleport from her current position to within the Circle, regardless of distance. In addition, at the moment of its wearer’s death, the Shard will transport the wearer in the same way, preserving its bodily functions in a form of suspended animation. Where the Circle of Standing Stones is and what controls the area now is up to the GM.
  6. A silver talisman of a longsword on a chain of the same material. The talisman contains a portion of the spirit of a sword-master, enough to instantly teach one Feat of Arms to the wearer if he qualifies for it. The talisman can teach only one Feat of Arms, but possible Feats are: Half-Sword, Foot Work, or Ripost, depending on the wearer’s abilities.

Of course, you don't have to roll randomly.