Runequest Thursday #43 - A Complete Psionics System for Runequest!

Clint Staples

OK, I lied, a little. This system was actually written for Openquest, but it is 95% compatible with versions of Runequest as is, and can be easily modified the rest of the way.

I wrote this system a few years back for use in a short campaign I ran called Robot Wasteland, which was posited upon the notion that DARPA funded a proposal to build Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robots [yes, that makes the Acronym for the project, EATR]. This was based on an actual proposal that DARPA received, which may be perused here. I took it to the extreme game extent with a world scoured to barren wasteland with humanity living in the cracks and crevices, hiding from The Devourers, self-aware machines that actually eat organic matter, processing it into an energy they can use through their conversion chambers. Psioincs seemed like a nice option for the beleaguered PCs, so this system was the result.

You will find it as an attachment just blow the art on this post. It is a pdf, but if you want the doc file, comment below and I can hook you up. That way, should you use it, you can modifiy is as you like.

It occurs to me, that with this and the Weapons and Amor of the Knights-Marshal, Runequestified, you have two significant bits for playing KMotC with the Runequest ruleset.

BTW, Openquest has a free version available. And you should check out my Savage North articles to see what I am doing with it and the pay for play version.

Art for this post is actually one of my miniatures, sculpted by the talented Clint Staples/ Baelor, Painted by the amazing Samson, and available for sale along with more miniature maaaadness [to be painted by YOU] at the Baelor store of