Runequest Thursday #40 - A Complete Runequest Scenario - Caverns of the Carcharids!

Clint Staples

Spoiler note: If you are a player in the Brightwater campaign, or hope to get your GM to run Caverns of the Carcharids for you - Stop reading now and don't open the attachments. If you are a GM, or a player who wants his GM to run this, then pilfer the attachments as you wish. I hope you enjoy!


A few weeks ago, I posted a datafile for the carcharids, a race of sharkmen that are currently tearing up the River of Cradles, and making things unpleasant for the players characters in my Brightwater campaign. Here I would like to provide you with a new, remastered datafile that expands on the previous one. Within, you will find two new stat blocks, for a carcharid 'priest' and avatar of the demon the priest serves, Sothyurgha. You will also find a bit about the current situation of the carcharids.

In addition, you will find a map of the half-sunken temple, and a legend and descriptions of the rooms and populace therein - Pretty much everything you need to play Caverns of the Carcharids, including details about where the inhabitants are at various times of day, tactics, and backstory on what is actually going on. Finally, you will find a list of found items and loot. You can do with them as you like, but there are guidelines included about where they go. Essentially, any time someone says they are searching an area, you can roll on the Found Items table. If they make their search, they find the thing you rolled. Of course you can also pick and choose. I won't tell.


N.B. Depending on how things unfold, GMs may find themself wanting a Steppes Ghoul, or a Hell Sister.