Runequest Thursday #31 - Sigin, Ex-Red Moon Halberdier

Clint Staples

A while ago, I introduced one of the NPCs from my Brightwater campaign - Theudulf the Learned, Gray Lord of Lhankor Mhy, sage and tutor to the young peiople tasked with creating the settlement. Here is another one of the primary NPCs of Brightwater - Sigin.


Sigin is a tall attractive woman of Sartarite descent. She admitted to having been born in Sartar, near Jonstown, so was probably of the Culbrea or COlymar clans, but she will not answer request to elaborate.

The ex-Lunar appealed to one of the Principles of the settlement, Zoe Eybright, and was taken on by the heroes of Brightwater before the settlement even existed. She was 'hired' at the wage of a share in the community, just as the heroes themselves had, as does Theudulf. They made this offer because Sigin was a tough, smart and experienced warrior who had served in a prestigious lunar unit, yet had no love for the Red Moon. She has proven to be all of these things, and has become the pro tem commander of the guard for Brightwater, as well as sometimes accompanying them in their travels. For her part, she is dedicated to the settlement, and would rather die than walk away from it.

Sigin has spoken little about her past. That she wears the decorated armor of the Red Moon Halberdiers, a crack regiment in the Lunar Army is the subject of interest, but no explanation has been forthcoming other than the apparent fact that Sigin does not like Lunars. She does not wear the helm associated with the Halberdiers, and she has a long scar along her jawline, which further fuels speculation. She displays no runes, and claims to follow no god, possessing only the fighting spells she learned in service, which have done well for her.

Where the normally taciturn Sigin is vocal is in regard to the running of Brightwater. She is smart and opinionated, and has a place on the village council. Normally she keep her remarks to areas in which she judges herself someone with expertise and authority - security, the guards and mercenaries of Brightwater, and the ongoing construction of the defenses, but she will speak up on any subject if so moved.