Runequest Thursday #27 - Weapons and Armor of the Knights-Marshal Verse, Runequestified!

Clint Staples

So recently a friend [Hey Chris!] and I were complaining of a dearth of Sci Fi stuff for the d100/ Runequest system. Since I am hard at work on the BASH-SF setting Knights-Marshal of the Commonwealth for Skirmisher Publishing, and since I have been a huge RQ fan since the 70s, it made sense to me to adapt the weapons and armor of the KMotC 'Verse to Runequest. I have attached the Doc to this post. You can see the link just below the picture.

A couple of caveats:

1 - This adaptation is hot off the keyboard and has not been play-tested. You have been warned. Having said that, if you try it, and love it,  or hate it, I would love to hear from you. I would like to get your opinion on it so I can improve it. Heck you can improve it! it's a doc, you can modify it however you like. Please, tell me about it though. Not because I am proprietary, but because I would like to see it improve.

Thanks in advance.

2 - I kept the Legend System specifically in mind while writing this. It does Hit Points generously, which i think is going to be necessary with the high powered options available to warriors in Sci Fi. It also has Hero Points, which I use for overcoming Stun damage in this system. Older RQ systems don't use Hero Points, and have lower Hits Per Location. You may want to adopt both of these if you want to use this with the Avalon Hill RQ, for example. 

Art is by the incredibly talented Daryl Mandryk.

So - try it out, LMK what you think in the comments section below.