Runequest Thursday #190 - Sorcery System Revised!

Clint Staples

This is a significant, but not game-changing, revision of my own homebrew Sorcery system, which I wrote a few years ago, and have added to in posts here off and on since. It mostly cleans up language, and clarifies some things that were in need. It is not complete yet. The document here is complete, but it does not contain all the thigns I have written for Sorcery. But as it stands, it is a fully functional system, just missing some of the additional stuff I have not gotten to updating yet. That will come in time, and I will update this document then, and repost.

For those who have been using this system, or would like to, I have alittle bonus here, in addition to the revision. A new spell - Detection.

And if you would rather have Sorcery as a PDF, I've got you covered.