Runequest Thursday #122 - Wyvern-Rustling, Brightwater Style!

Clint Staples

So if you have been following the development of the Clanking Ruin and the ramblings of the Heroes of Brightwater through it, you might know that Zoe, the Orlanthi cultist and Lunar Half-breed (yes, family get-togethers are complicated) hatched a plant to steal the Wyverns that the Lunars use both to patrol the Clanking Ruin and generally exert their might in the region. Her thinking is to bloody the nose of the Empire, or Tweak It, and at the same time to weaken the Lunars locally and generally.

Well, after adventuring, and planning, and a significant hiatus, the Brightwaters are ready to launch their Wyvern raid tomorrow night - and I am Stoked!

For my own part, I have done some planning too, and some of it the players probably won't like - but as GM, it is sort of my job. Having said that, if their plans are sound and their resources harnessed, they could well succeed.

Of course, some things have already gotten in the way.

Avorax, the dragonewt ascendant master of the Rotunda, has allowed the attack, but only if the Brightwaters commit to destroying the trebuchet that the Lunars will probably use to bring the Rotunda down around his scaly ears. Add to that the Humakti allies that have been recruited are there only to get their shot at the vampire that is hiding out on Anchor Home, as well as the fact that the Brightwaters want to be out and away, on wyvern-back, while their ship sails for home without them. Well, even if everything goes according to the plan, it should be an eventful evening.

So, here is part of my planning.

I drew out a map of the top layer of Anchor Home (the Lunar Base) in Bayside, an island off the coast of the Clanking Ruin proper. The players have all seen it already (thanks to some wheeling and dealing, and some good scouting), but I thought I would share it with you. If you can use it in your own games, feel free.