Runequest Thursday #120 - Wyvern-Riders of the Clanking Ruin!

Clint Staples

As the Brightwaters are presently poised to carry out their caper against the Lunar Commandery on Anchor Home near the Clanking Ruin, I thought I would post the stats for the Lunar Wyvern-Riders and their draconic mounts. If all goes according to plan, the heroes will not have to worry about fighting the riders, mounted on their wyverns or otherwise. Let's hope for their sake that things go according to plan. 

Of course, there are other factors in play.

Avorax, the Dragonewt Master of the Rotunda, who is recognized by many as the most powerful creature, and head of the most powerful faction, in Bayside - has permitted the Brightwaters to attempt to steal the wyverns on the condition that they also destroy the massive trebuchet that the lunars are currently assembling on top of Anchor Home. The war machine, which Zoe, as a former mercenary among the Black Horse Troop knows, is magically powerful as are the missiles it shoots. Were the Lunars to direct the trebuchet against the Rotunda, only a few hundred yards away across the water, it would be devastatingly effective.

Conveniently, the wyverns appear to be stabled on top of Anchor Home, the same place that the Trebuchet now stands, mostly assembled. The down side is likely to be that there are probably a lot of guards on watch, with more in easy calling distance. Also, Anchor home is its own little island, so the Brightwaters and their Humakti "allies" will have to get to the base of the tower by boat, then somehow get to the top of the Anchor Home without being discovered. 

The Humakti Death Cultists that control Death Ray Bridge, which appears to be the first target of said trebuchet, have learned that the Lunars shelter a vampire, and plan to betray their truce with the Humakt in order to take control of Death Ray Bridge and the elder age weapon it holds. Thus they have insisted on sending someone to Anchor Home to aid in the attack.

And finally, the Brightwaters are hoping to pull this all off without letting slip who actually did the wyvern-stealing, because they don't want to draw Lunar attention to their settlement in the Weis Cut.

Should be a fun couple of session!