Runequest Thursday #117 - Mechamagical Swarms!

Clint Staples

Mechamagical Swarms were developed by the Legion of Purification during the course of the ten year siege upon the Machine City by the heroes of the Second Age. Swarms were relatively inexpensive, difficult to eradicate, could wipe out a small scouting force, or hamper a larger one.

A swarm is comprised of many small mechamagical creatures (each approximately SIZ 1) that move, act and attack as a whole. Individually the members of a swarm are fragile, but together they can be formidable foes.


There are three known types of mechamagical swarms.

Avian Swarm: Avian machines with drill-beaks or dagger-probosci and razor-wings. They may be modeled on birds or insects.

Marine Swarm: Fully aquatic machines with razor sharp jaws and fins. They generally are modeled on schooling fish like piranha or barracuda.

Terrestrial Swarm: Land-based machines that scuttle and climb, attacking with impaling limbs, or strong jaws. Often terrestrial swarm members are modeled on insects like spiders, beetles, or scorpions.


See the attachment for details, stats, and options.