Runequest Thursday #116 - Creatures of the Clanking Ruin - In the Fortress of the Legion!

Clint Staples

Here are two creatures encountered by the Brightwaters in the most recent adventure, scouring the ruins fo the Legion of Purification for Mostali to save, or destroy, as necessary. Ughari, the Praxian Shaman, promised to aid the spirit of a Mostali that he encountered and has had as a servant since. That aid has led the Brightwaters to the Clanking Ruin, the Legion, and now the haunted ruins beneath it.

Clay Mostali Cannibals are, as one might expect, no longer capable of being saved. They are cunning and deadly foes however, especially if they can set up an ambush where their bolt throwers can tell, which they managed against the Brightwaters, who triumphed after a tough fight. Here is the full write up for the Mostali Bolt Thrower.

Sulphur Churls are demons drawn to the ruins by the massive pools of sulphur into which demonic essence from the Soul Forge has drained for centuries. They feed on magical energy, and are drawn unerringly to such sites, and the folk who explore them.