Runequest Thursday #115 - Rathowen, Dragon of Frost

Clint Staples

Recently, in my Savage North Campaign, Aquila, the Imperial Knight Errant traveling in the High North - what we called the vast frozen expanse north of the Frosthold and the Eagle Mountains - came to White Cloud Spire the end of her search for her twin brother, stolen in childhood and, she feared, twisted by Blood Sorcery into a monster.

Aquila and her ally, Maethild, the half-giant daughter of the Lord of Frosthold, explored White Cloud Spire, tracking down Aquila's brother and his sorcerer master Waraven - but only after encountering another threat, perhaps more dangerous still - Rathowen - the Dragon of Frost - distant descendant of the Ice Wyrm that, an aeon before, at the urging of the nascent human gods, had brought down the jungle kingdom of the Serpentfolk - and freezing the Savage North in the process.      

How did things go between Aquila and Rathowen? Well that is another story. For now, here is Rathowen - and his hoard. Some of which was adapted from the upcoming 100 Oddities for a Treasure Hoard, by Skirmisher Publishing, part of out expanding 100 Oddities . . . line of gaming supplements.                               

Also provided, are the character sheets, somewhat outdated, of Aquila Valeriana, White Dragon Knight Errant of Gatan, and Maethild Frost Daughter, her traveling companion in the High North.

Both Aquila and Maethild make use of my rules for A New Sorcery. The Savage North is a campaign and setting from d101 Games for Openquest, which is readily adaptable to any d100 system. Art for Rathowen is by the incredibly talented Chaos-Draco.